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  1. FAdadada

    Gunith (zenith for rangers)

    Alright, now I want a Zenith variant for all classes. Basically No Aim Required Free +30K DPS Goes Through Blocks
  2. FAdadada

    Water in the crimson should be yellow

    I like this, but think about this: green water for corruption
  3. FAdadada

    More Silver-Looking Palladium

    Looks Great!
  4. FAdadada

    Some tips on how to get good at building

    Just go to a Server dedicated to Building (not a Server that supports Building) and attempt to rise the ranks through skill evaluation. There are some really good Builders in some servers.
  5. FAdadada

    New Player, have some questions.

    Not Related to Progression, but it's a nice QoL Tip. Example of Someone who Favorited Items in Their Inventory: You can Favorite your Items by pressing Alt+Click on them. When you Favorite an Item in your inventory, you will not be able to Quick-Stack, Trash, Sell, or Drop that item; it's...
  6. FAdadada

    What hair style is this?

    Try hairstyles 23 and 39
  7. FAdadada

    Dune Splicer Spawns With Only Head

    I experienced they same issue before, but only on servers - never on singleplayer.
  8. FAdadada

    Show what items you have left to research in Journey Mode

    This isn't related to the post, but if you want to research all the items, you can do so via TerraSavr - an inventory editor. If you insert your character file, there is an option to research all items.
  9. FAdadada

    PC What is last prism, truly?

    If it goes through blocks, Lunar Flare is going to lose employment. Poor guy. . .
  10. FAdadada

    Do You Have a Plan For How You Progress Singleplayer?

    @Rgmemo That's certainly a lot of construction you have to do. . . Try to keep that up when you complete Terraria multiple times.
  11. FAdadada

    Do You Have a Plan For How You Progress Singleplayer?

    I've beaten the game many times since 1.2, and I've developed a certain progression plan that I'd usually follow. In Pre-Hardmode, I follow a generic routine for progression that most players probably follow. Sometimes I raid the Jungle Temple Pre-Hardmode, but I rarely do so. Additionally, I...
  12. FAdadada

    Do You Fight Duke Fishron in the Start of Hardmode?

    For a long while now, I usually get the Truffle Worm early in Hardmode and fight Duke before any Mechanical Boss. I'd prepare by getting/preparing: Potions the Shield of Cthulhu and Pixie Wings any Hardmode armor set (preferably Orichalcum or Spider Armor) some good weapon with decent range a...
  13. FAdadada

    How do you properly do summoner hybrid class playthroughs?

    I thought "hybrid summoner" refers to being a summoner and using things not summoner related. You could mismatch armor, but I usually never do this with Summoner. In my opinion, armor should really only be mismatched to maximize the potential of damage in lieu of a set bonus. Yep, this is a...
  14. FAdadada

    Summoner Accessory Ideas

    I like these ideas, but honestly, Summoner has too many accessories (3 of which give a whopping +15% damage increase and are stackable). Nevertheless, I like how you included this clause for the Wrangler's Glove: It'd be a balancing disaster if you added all these accessories that provided...
  15. FAdadada

    Cystallus, Goddess of eternal suffering (boss)

    I don't think I have the credentials to critique this. Looks good.
  16. FAdadada

    What do you think of this?

    These sprites are exponentially better than anything I can do :/
  17. FAdadada

    What do you think of this?

    The helmet looks cool, but I feel like less effort was put into making the breastplate and leggings. Tweak the breastplate and leggings so that they look as fiery as the helmet, and personally, I feel like the skin exposure is a bit jarring.
  18. FAdadada

    Favorite Summons

    Spider Staff. Easy to Get. Reliable. Been using since it came out in 1.2.
  19. FAdadada

    Girls' Fontline - the Girls' Frontline Font Pack for PC Terraria

    Girl's Frontline is a cool game; this is a cool font pack.
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