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  1. slade3501

    tModLoader Custom Daytime/NightTime Music [HELP!]

    Alright, to make this short, when you start up Terraria, there's either two types of songs that play during DayTime in the normal Terraria biome. During NightTime, night music plays, got it? So, basically, I want to add another song that "has a chance to play" during DayTime and NightTime. So...
  2. slade3501

    tAPI Multiple Ore Spawning? [HELP!]

    Hey! Well, I've got a working ore spawning code, and it works great and such. But, anyone mind helping me out on making it spawn MULTIPLE ores. My Code: [Works] using Terraria; using TAPI; namespace SK { public class SK : ModWorld { public override void WorldGenPostGen()...
  3. slade3501

    tAPI tAPI, tConfig, and tModLoader all NOT working! [Help]

    This problem has been resolved by an amazing developer you can find below. If you have this problem, I'll try and help now that I know the solution! Thank you! How to fix: Since GameLauncher won't allow you to downgrade (at this current time) to, you'll need to find the content folder...
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