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  1. Cloud551

    Mobile Solo Frost Moon Records

    Hey everyone. I like to push myself in games and see how far i can get in the hardest possible modes. Frost moon seems to fit that until we get lunar events. so post your solo records and loadouts and arenas if you feel like it. im curious to see how everyone else does. here's mine. wave: 16...
  2. Cloud551

    New coop expanded world

    (I posted this also in player events and connections but nobody is ever on there) I'll be starting a new world and character on my device and am just wondering if anyone would like to play a coop exclusive Mobile play through. That means I'll only play said world and character with whoever else...
  3. Cloud551

    MultiTerraria Players

    nobody ever checks the other mobile subthread. so i was wondering who else actually plays online. and wants to do the frostmoon(without a wussy arena) (: leave kiks to contact!
  4. Cloud551


    just wondering if anybodies seen the traveling merchant? wiki says its desktop only(could just not be updated) but i saw somebody on Multiterraria with a cape! keep in mind it could just be hacked. just want to know forsure if traveling merchant is here before i spend days waiting for him.
  5. Cloud551

    Dungeon Location

    so i was flooding a world for the first time since i got my moonshell. digging straight down underneath the big wide tree thats in almost every map. and suddenly get thwarted by the dungeon guardian. (made me jump so high) question is. do dungeons usually spawn in the middle of a map? had me so...
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