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  1. smeagolheart

    Cooler Guide Sprite

    Looks like modernizing to the 1970s version of people in the 1950s as displayed in the hit movie Grease.
  2. smeagolheart

    PC Baby Shark Pet --> Baby Mothron

    is this pet indistinguishable to dangerous baby mothrons?
  3. smeagolheart

    Zoologist Resprite :3

    What's the reverse version
  4. smeagolheart

    PC Fixes the Captain America Shield Color

    The only people that stay dead in comics are uncle ben and batman's parents
  5. smeagolheart

    Easy-to-See Duke

    What setup you use? I've died too many times trying stuff and usually just put him off until it's the point where I'm past what he has to offer anyway.
  6. smeagolheart

    Tool [Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 2 | SUPERCHARGE YOUR TERRARIA! (1.4 compatible!)

    Is relogic supposed to be pinpointing and wrangling these issues?
  7. smeagolheart

    Tool [Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 2 | SUPERCHARGE YOUR TERRARIA! (1.4 compatible!)

    I see where you said the game suddenly starts working if you launch it often enough. This doesn't seem to be the case for me. The game crashes prior to starting when the hotkey tweaks are enabled and launches fine when those tweaks alone are disabled. It's reproducible, at least on my end.
  8. smeagolheart

    Tool [Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 2 | SUPERCHARGE YOUR TERRARIA! (1.4 compatible!)

    I noticed the same thing. But hadn't reported it yet because I hadn't tried to re-enable one at a time the one's I use. I have the crafting guide one working (left ctrl-G) but void bag, money trough ones and one other that I had set up were crashing the game.
  9. smeagolheart

    I made the cultists cool . for some reason

    Maybe make their robes yellow? I dunno. It's really cool as is.
  10. smeagolheart

    Summer Sale 2020 - What Did You Purchase?

    Skins for Don't Starve Together, finally playing the game after sitting on it in my steam library for years.. it's a lot of fun
  11. smeagolheart

    What's the difficulty of Master Mode in your opinion?

    Hard but easier overall than expert
  12. smeagolheart

    *DEVS* Did you even playtest 1.4 master mode??? #OVERTUNED

    I hate the stupid worms in hardmode underground desert. They spawn all the time and do a crap ton of damage. If they only spawned like once every 10 minutes or something that's be ok but it's closer to a worm out of nowhere every 10 seconds. And if course in master more, it's worse because...
  13. smeagolheart

    PC Werewolf redone !

    looks like something out of FNAF
  14. smeagolheart

    The Torch God's Favor problem

    I agree with this. It should place biome torches, and pick up regular torches. If you're worried about biome campfires you can turn it off temporarily or perhaps while torchgod is on all campfires are biome campfires.
  15. smeagolheart

    PC NyanTron Texture pack (Skeletron)

  16. smeagolheart

    Chinese Mobile Exclusive Npc

    This guy is in place of the Skeleton merchant in the Chinese mobile version
  17. smeagolheart

    Enhanced version of the textures of Terraria

    You can not change the overall size of a texture in 1.4
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