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  1. Storm Diver

    tModLoader Storm Diver's Additions Mod

    Storm Diver's Additions Mod Download the latest release here or from TModloader Check out the Official wiki for more information Join the Official Discord server for sneak peeks of new content Storm Diver's Additions Mod is a smallish content mod made by one guy (me), that adds content...
  2. Storm Diver

    Is there any way to modify Vanilla armour set bonuses?

    Edit, ok thanks to qwerty 3.14 I figure out how to change vanilla set bonuses: hastebin
  3. Storm Diver

    Sprites Adding and balancing the Mechanical soul recipes.

    This suggestion has been mostly implemented into my mod, the new weapons have been added: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes Hello once again my Omega friends, if you’re not an Omega you’re still welcome, but inferior. Now here’s something that’s been really bothering me for...
  4. Storm Diver

    More options for Target Dummies

    I almost hijacked this thread: Armor on Target Dummies with this, so I'll move it to my own :dryadsmile: Currently target dummies are quite limited, they have no defence and always show a higher DPS than what you could reach when fighting real enemies. Also none of you homing weapons work on...
  5. Storm Diver

    WIP Revamping Pre-hardmode Ore armour.

    Hello again Ladies, Gentlemen, Derplings, Cubes, Face Monsters ect… I am here once again to propose an idea that will most likely never be added, but I’ll put some effort into it anyway. Now don’t you think that the current amount of bars required to craft the pre-hardmode ore armour is too...
  6. Storm Diver

    Pixel Art A Storm Diver's random pixel art + other art.

    Hello there, it's everyone's favourite lunar event enemy, below is a compilation of all Terraria pixel art I've made with Piskel or edited together using GIMP, so erm yeah... enjoy. I've also made quite a few non-Terraria sprites, if you'd like to see them I could make another thread in...
  7. Storm Diver

    Sprites Master mode Enhanced Expert drops.

    This suggestion has been partially implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes (Expert mode Betsy flame only) Hello once again, before you kill me please hear what I have to say. I had these ideas for a while, and I thought I’d share them here: First of all let’s...
  8. Storm Diver

    Sprites New expert mode drops for Mechanical bosses.

    This suggestion has been partially implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes (Spinning device added with multiple changes) Hello again, it’s me, I know you’re probably sick of me already, but hear me out. I always found it so strange that you have to kill 3...
  9. Storm Diver

    Revamping the Shroomite helmets.

    This suggestion has been partially implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes (Headgear set bonus added to an accessory) Hello again, it’s me with another idea that no one asked for. There’s one thing I hate about Shroomite armour, and that’s that all three...
  10. Storm Diver

    Sprites Storm Diver's Shroomite weapons.

    This suggestion has been fully implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes Hello everyone, I am well aware that DannyDrawsaLot has already made a suggestion like this here: Sprites - More Shroomite Equipment! but I was already in the middle of making my own, so I...
  11. Storm Diver

    WIP Re-organisation of the Hardmode ore helmets.

    Hello everyone, today I have a simple suggestion, do you hate how the names of the head-slot armour piece for the hardmode ore armours are inconsistent? Well what I'm proposing here is a simple reorganisation of some of them: Reorganised Helmets Armour Melee Ranged Magic Cobalt Mask...
  12. Storm Diver

    Sprites Rod of Discord revamp.

    This suggestion has been fully implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes Hello again people, creatures and Derplings, I’m not sure if something like this has been posted before, but I’ll post this anyway. Don’t you just love spending hours killing thousands of...
  13. Storm Diver

    Sprites Vortex pillar Buff

    This suggestion has been partially implemented into my mod: tModLoader - Storm Diver's Additions and Changes (Vortex cannon and 2 new vortex enemies added) You will all submit to the mighty Vortexian pillar! Hello inferior beings, as much as I hate to admit it the Vortex pillar is one of the...
  14. Storm Diver

    WIP Vortex Pillar Lore

    Vortex Pillar lore This is just some Lore I created for the Vortex and a little bit of the other Celestial pillars. I had some input from Omega Derpling but most of this is mine as may conflict with the official and other people's lore. So if this does conflict with some of your lore, well...
  15. Storm Diver

    Boss health scaling revamp.

    As you all know currently bosses health scales in Expert mode only depending on the number of players. While this does add more challenge, it can mean a massive difficulty spike from normal if you play with a lot of players. So what I’m proposing is the Boss scaling is an option separate from...
  16. Storm Diver

    Require a right click to slope blocks with a hammer.

    Have you ever tried to remove a wall but there's a block in the way and you accidentally slope the block? Or perhaps vice versa? Well a simple fix would be to make hammers function like this: Left click: Destroy walls Right click: Slope blocks This is just a small little suggestion this time...
  17. Storm Diver

    Reverser forge.

    Have you ever smelted all your ore but then you realise you needed some to make potions, or perhaps ore bricks? Don't you wish there was a way to revert the bars back into the ores? Well I am introducing the Reverser forge (can't think of a good name). This forge will allow you to convert any...
  18. Storm Diver

    Dash and Armour ability hotkey.

    I don't know if this has been suggested before, but it would be nice to have an option to assign a key to use certain armour abilities and dash with a hot key instead of double tapping. There would be an option to either use the double tap, hot key or both. This could save a lot of time and...
  19. Storm Diver

    What was the highest amount of Chaos elements you've had to kill to get the Rod of Discord?

    I've currently killed over 750 of them and still no rod, how lucky, or unlucky have have you got? It's a 1 in 500 chance and I have only ever gotten 1 rod in the 5 years I've been playing, and that was back in 1.2.4 but I can't remember how many I killed.
  20. Storm Diver

    Ask a Storm Diver anything

    Ask questions or something idk as long as they're not too personal or break any rules ect....
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