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    PC Unit System option/replacement

    It still confuses me why the game is still only in Imperial after being sold so often around the entire planet. only around 4% of the human population even use Imperial... but alright... I either just ask for the option to switch bewteen Imperial (ft, etc), Metric (m, etc), and Contextless (bl...
  2. Proxy

    PC Game keeps minimizing itself

    I got a laptop wit ha tV hooked up as second screen. whenever i click outside the game it minimizes itself, Borderless windowed mode doesn't work like it should and the launch option "-popupwindow" doesn't work either. I have no ide what could cause this but it is rather annoying.
  3. Proxy

    PC 30 FPS Lock

    This has Bothered me for quite some time now. but it wasn't allways there. Sometimes the Game likes to Lock at 30 FPS, and fter a Random amount of Time goes back to 60. It is Horrible in 30 FPS, and my Settings are already Low/Auto, and Frameskip is on. my PC should be able to handle Terraria so...
  4. Proxy


    I was Wondering how Big a Block in terraria is. but instead of Spoilering myself by Googling it, i thought i could Do this alone. So lets assume the Player is as Large as Steve in MC (nearly 200 cm). since in MC you are 2 Blocks tall, that makes a Block 1 m high. and in Terraria you are 3 Blocks...
  5. Proxy

    ["Sprites"] 4 Apocalyptic Horsemen Weapons (+some random stuff)

    The title is weird... whatever! I haven't made a suggestion thread since... i don't know, but here we go! i've made the sprites on my own... i'm not very good in pixeling stuff, but here are the Items: Conquest's Flag: Damage: 70 (throwing) Velocity: 10 Use time: 25 Rarity: Cyan Tooltip...
  6. Proxy

    Terraria for Wii U?

    well, i'm confused. This "Thread" says that Terraria will come out for the Wii U, but as far as i know that's not possible. Re-logic has enough to do with T1.3 and TOW. i would absolutely love it, when TOW would come for the Wii U. but i'm just asking if that "Terraria for Wii U" thing is...
  7. Proxy

    Spoiler details

    Re-Logic released 2 screenshots of TOW (and it look amazing). so i'm gonna show things i found in these screenshots! :3 1. Dynamic Light, that is awesome. 2. clear Connected Glass/Wall textures, important for large windows and stuff. 3. Is that Iron Ore? 4. Pots! i don't know if they have the...
  8. Proxy

    Npc unlocking

    in terraria you have to defeat bosses to get NPCs or you must find them. But this can be different in terraria: otherworld! imagine that you are walking through the corruption in Tow, and you come across a corrupted house with a NPC inside it, you want to help him/her so you just place your...
  9. Proxy

    More Breaker Blades / Redesign

    The Breaker Blade is one of my favorite Weapons and is it very sad that it is not a Strong Weapon. So i made Ideas of more Final Fantasy referenc- i mean more Breaker Blades. i made all textures by myself and there are not that good. 1- Broken Breaker Blade (BBB): whenever you defeat the Wall...
  10. Proxy

    PC Portal gun, Gravity gun and Runes

    hhmmmm... new items for Terraria...how about that: 1-Portal gun: will be added soon... or not. 2-Gravity gun: https://i.imgur.com/CakjE.png 3-Runes: function: Are consumable items. They can be droped by any Skeleton-based enemy. Maximal stack: 99 ᚨ Anzus- Lights up the entire screen for...
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