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  1. Jamm6

    Pixel Art Jamm6's Pixel Art Thread! (Open to Requests)

    I'm back to the forums and as such am making an Art Thread to share my artwork once again! :D (Mostly remakes of old spritework atm) Pixel Arts are accompanied by short descriptions detailing their history or lore. Open to Criticism and Requests!
  2. Jamm6

    PC Game not opening. [Windows 7]

    Hello, I'm jamm6gamer, i play games like terraria and minecraft but something weird is happening... My terraria is simply don't opening, none warnings, none bugs, only don't actually open. This problem continue and continue, when i try to open it it don't, when i open task manager appear that...
  3. Jamm6

    Pixel Art Jammy's PiXeL Terrariarts

    Hello Everybody Here i will do pixel arts and terrariarts :D More Will be added soon [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Thats all :p
  4. Jamm6

    WIP The Galaxy Trio [Bosses] [Sprites]

    Hello Everybody Here i Will post all the Gallatic Trio Bosses, some unrelated and related things and changes I worked hard on it. Thanks to:
  5. Jamm6

    WIP Jamm6gamer's Sprite Retextures and Sprites

    Here i will place me Terraria Sprites. Notes Here will have terraria retextures and my own sprites, if you want a sprite for you i can make. The textures won't will be in game, that is not an official post and not is a suggestion, The Textures are for fun only. It's Work In Progress, that...
  6. Jamm6

    WIP More Professional Soul Tooltips and more Souls

    Soul of Night New Texture Soul of Light New Texture Soul of Blight New Texture Soul of Sight New Texture Soul of Right Tooltip: "The essence of bewildered heroes.'' Soul of Tight Tooltip: "The essence of the bloody creatures" Soul of Might New Texture New Tooltip: " The essence of...
  7. Jamm6

    PC More Beauty/Realist Sprites (More like this).

    Hi dudes look me new Sprites and Ideas :D Excalibur: Night's Edge: True Versions: And the spoiler!: Hero's Sword Damage: 145 Speed: Very Fast Shoots Beams: Yes. Effects:None Aqua Blade Damage: 102 Speed:Very Fast Shoots Beams:No. Effects:Chilled,Freeze.
  8. Jamm6

    PC Hi Players Now The SPACE DOLPHIN (Them drops the S.D.M.G.)

    Hi dudes i have a ton of things for talk and one of them its the space dolphin: Space Dolphin Type:Boss AI:Space Dolphin Damage: 50 S.D.M.G. Bullet 30 Max Life: 36000/36000 Space Dolphin (Second Form) Type:Boss AI:Space Dolphin Damage: 150 S.D.M.G. Bullet (RapidFire)...
  9. Jamm6

    PC Entity Ideas

    Hi. Came show my sprites for you. Starting with NPCs and Ending with the Critters. Here are my NPCs and NPC ideas: The Painter New Sprite and her new Bound form (Him is found in Underground) Now the Bound Mechanic new sprite :D How no? Now the Forger!!(Sprited by me...
  10. Jamm6

    PC Terraria Npc/Critters ideas

    Hi I have some ideas and youcan post down what you like (Or dont like). Ok The first its the steampunker ideas to 1.3 or 1.3.2 : And Its cool? I think yes. Now the critters (I Only make one now but i gonna make more): Here have the maked Npcs and you bound forms: And Bound...
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