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  1. Sun

    Mobile Things your most excited about for the 1.2.3-1.2.4 update

    The new update is due in a few weeks, so I was wondering what you guys are most excited about. Mine is the frost moon, blizzard staff here i come!
  2. Sun

    Drawings & Paintings Sun's Bad Art requests.....

    Hey guys, Sun here. So lately I have been working on computer drawings. I'm still kind of new, you can see my drawings on my profile status messages, so if you want to see my skills, go there please, I have yet to understand all of this site's commands and such.(plz don't hate me because i'm...
  3. Sun

    Building Ideas?

    So lately have been running out of things to do in mobile terraria. Basically all I have left to do is beat ocram, get the other end-game armors( I'm using spectre) get the top-teir armors (Dragon, titan, spectral) and beat the dungeon guardian. While i'm doing these tasks, I want to build...
  4. Sun

    Soul of Night Farm?

    Hey guys, i came here to the wonderful land of the mobile terraria community forums to ask some questions, and answer other peoples questions. I need help on an effective Soul of Night/Light farm. I would go through the trouble of making a wiring farm, but wiring on the phone is plain...
  5. Sun

    Temple Problems?

    I was just wondering if having the golem altar in a hallway instead of the giant room is a glitch, or a problem in world gen?
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