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  1. _tenfictions_

    tModLoader Terraria Nova (wip)

    Terraria Nova A currently small mod with many ideas in mind DEVS: @_tenfictions_ I am/We are in dire need of composers, coders, and spriters, especially those who want to improve their skill. NEW BIOME: The Volcano A new biome added in this mod, currently there are no intresting things from...
  2. _tenfictions_


    Why is this happening
  3. _tenfictions_

    Spare Terraria copy

    To anyone that come across this, if you bought 4 terraria copies and has 1 left (Maybe because you have 3 friends on Steam), you can give one to me if you like. E-Mail: [removed by staff] Edit: Corrected grammar
  4. _tenfictions_

    tModLoader Ry's Mod Pack

    Hello, do you like HARD? Well, have this mod pack if you like it. List of mods: "Antiaris", "BaseMod", "BossChecklist", "CalamityMod", "Critters", "Disarray", "GRealm", "pinkymod", "RecipeBrowser", "SacredTools", "SpiritMod", "ThoriumMod", "Tremor" You can use it for...
  5. _tenfictions_

    WIP The Crystal Lands. (Underworld Alt)

    I recently got an idea of a crystal-themed underworld, so I will make one! THE CRYSTAL LANDS Click le spoilers NOTE: This is W.I.P. so I may update this!
  6. _tenfictions_

    tModLoader How do I make a boss?

    I need help, how do I make a working boss? Is Tapi code the same with Tmodloader code?
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