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  1. TheG434

    Butterfly and Moth staff

    The early game summoner doesn't have a lot going for him does he? A insanley rare staff unless you get lucky with Pinky. A bee staff after you beat a boss? That isn't fun. So here I am with this Butterfly staff, 3 summon Damage 4% Critical strike chance (Just give the summoners crit damage.)...
  2. TheG434

    TheG's Art Thread

    TheG's Art [insert banner image I'll make eventually.] Hello one and all and welcome to this mediocre art festival. Here you'll find art that I have either doodled, worked more than 15 minutes on, and good art. Let's begin! [/spoiler]
  3. TheG434

    Story "The Tale of Many OCs" By TheG

    Hello Everyone, I am TheG434 Take a seat and read through my story It's about my Many OCs Sit down and read through it if you will But please enjoy yourself, and have a nice time. To be Continued Upcoming Chapters "Gunner, the Jack of all trades" "The Jack of all trades and the Marksman"...
  4. TheG434

    Tome of Winds

    So basically, my friend asked me to make a Spellbook concept, so I made a sprite, Added stats, and BOOM. This came out Tome of Winds (Does that look like a Tornado? Sure..) 22 Damage 4% Critical strike chance Extremely weak knockback Average speed 10 Mana Tooltip: Casts a tornado to pick up...
  5. TheG434

    Quick Favorite Buff

    In the spoiler "Meowmere's revenge" we see a favorite mechanic, that allows you to keep an item in your inventory with Quick stack/Deposit all. What i'm proposing is that by pressing a key, you would be able to use a potion/buff item when you press it. That's pretty much it, Simply Click a key...
  6. TheG434

    Ask me some stuff

    The Title says it all Hi, My name is TheG434 You should ask me stuff, Why? Well because it's cool to ask me stuff:p I'll pretty much answer anything except ina-propro stuff (+5 Points to whoever get's the reference) And Dumb questions, What Classifies as Dumb? Stuff like that. So Ask away!
  7. TheG434

    Unique music for bosses

    Wow, when was the last time i posted a suggestion, Not too long ago right? Well back to the actual thing. As much as i love the boss battle music, i would enjoy having Unique pieces for each individual boss As it stands, The EoC, EoW, Skeletron, Skelly Prime, Duke, And King slime share music 6...
  8. TheG434

    Pixel Art Random sprites by TheG

    Did you know i'm (semi) good at making sprites? Me neither! So Anyways for the last month or so, I've been considering this thread, That resulted in procrastination in making this a thing So without any pauses breaks, or anything else let's get to it I will be taking requests but not huge...
  9. TheG434

    Luminous Truffle

    Luminous Truffle Thanks Firearrow15 For the Name Currently there are 7 Herbs in the game, and for two reasons i think there should be another 1. When i make gardens I always make one extra garden thing on accident 2. some of the herbs just don't fit in potion recipes Luminous Truffle Grows in...
  10. TheG434

    Console Gold Guns

    No I Did not accidentally choose Console, This is to make up for the coin gun not being there Gold Guns 23 Damage 11 Use Time "you are The Man with them" (5 Points to whoever gets the reference) 0.5% Dropped By Any pirate (Excluding Parrot) 1% Dropped By Pirate Captain The thing about these...
  11. TheG434

    Joke Player suggestion Thread

    Hello one and all to the Joke suggestion thread, I'm your host TheG434! Ever have one of those hilarious suggestions, but it's a joke so you can't post it in the Player Suggestion forum? Well this is the place to post it! I just want to say three things. 1. Please if it's long post it in a...
  12. TheG434

    Vampire's Bloodstone

    ATTENTION: Before you say Nope to this idea 1. Read the suggestion 2. Think about it and 3. Be reasonable Vampire's Bloodstone Accessory "Bleh, Bleh!" Provides Ranged Lifesteal based on your weapon Dropped by Vampires with 1% Droprate This accessory Provides lifesteal with a small twist...
  13. TheG434

    The Vagabond

    With That in mind Let's get started! [Insert non-existent sprite here] The Vagabond is a NPC that spawns only at night and stays for that night only. he has a 5% chance of spawning any night after you have 3 NPC's but he has a 20% chance of spawning when the travelling merchant was just in...
  14. TheG434

    Glowing Dye

    If anyone has suggested this before I'm sorry, I Searched it up and nothing showed up First things first, I want to add a base dye for these. This just makes the armor Glow, Regardless of color Also, these will still work with obsidian torches Glowing dye Makes your armor Glow at night...
  15. TheG434


    Anyone here like mounts? I know i do, what is the most iconic mounts in a game Horses, Duh. Don't get me wrong the Mounts already in the game are amazing but one thing, The earliest one that you are most likely to get, is the bunny (Omitting Minecarts which require rails) I think there should...
  16. TheG434

    Dungeons & Summoners

    Hello Everyone I am TheG434 and there is no summoner weapons in the Dungeon not even prehardmode Yup, no Summoner Weapons at all not even a simple fighter AI summon PS. Sorry About the Sprites, They may Hurt to look at. Prehardmode: Quick and easy fix Skull Staff 17 Damage Summons a Mini...
  17. TheG434

    If Re-logic made a new game

    Basically if re-logic made a game and you were the one coming up with ideas what would it be about? I would have it be about using absurd physics like using reversed gravity to solve puzzles or mirror obstacle courses and you have to get both people to the other side. That's my idea how about...
  18. TheG434

    PB&J & Etc.

    Hello Everyone I am TheG434, and I got hungry and thought of this midway of making my sandwich Y'know how the sickle is Pretty much useless? Well now you can buy another one! (Almost) During anytime that it isn't a holiday (basically January-October) you can buy a Tiller Key, Which when used...
  19. TheG434

    [Weapon] The Pollinator

    Bee's Knees Confirmed for 1.3, My wish has been granted Link Hello Terrarians And welcome to my first thread on TFC, I Really enjoy the Queen Bee's drops, The bee Gun is a really good...
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