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  1. colDelay

    Decrease in maximum number of minions while using Optic Staff results in uneven minion pairs

    I used the Optic Staff to summon the mini-Twins, then after finding and using a Bewitching Table summoned a second pair. Once the buff expired, two of the four the mini-Twins were removed, except they were both Spazmatisms, so I was left with just two Retinazers. After using the Bewitching...
  2. colDelay

    **REPORTED** Being killed by explosives does not drop your money in Expert Mode

    Being killed by grenades, bombs or naturally generated explosives does not drop any coins. I've only tested it in Expert Mode.
  3. colDelay

    WIP eboLag.exe's Thread of buildmentation

    Hello and welcome to the buildmentation thread of eboLag.exe!!! I will be uploading screenshots of farms, arenas and other stuff I've built. All buildings will have a blueprint and instructions(hopefully). I'll also be writing the list of materials and equipment needed (arranged from most...
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