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  1. Yoshi28

    IC Adventure into Terraria

    This is a thread where I will lead 4 brave Terrarians on a journey into a blocky realm. Post you characters here! 1. Gender 2. Name 3. One Pet(optional) 4. The class you want to play(mage, summoner,etc) 5.special talent(must be approved by me) Please leave your characters in this thread!
  2. Yoshi28

    Ask A Lunatic Cultist Anything

    We will give you all knowledge of our culture upon request.
  3. Yoshi28

    General Pre-Hardmode starting

    Q: What should I do to start my journey? A:The first thing you should do is to chop down trees and make a decent sized house. 8 blocks high and 30blocks wide should do it. Then, make a work bench, place a door, background walls, a chair and a table and you should be set. Then, if you look for a...
  4. Yoshi28

    Would you date the Mechanic from Terraria?

    If the Mechanic NPC from Terraria asked you on a date, would you accept?
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