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  1. Sombyr

    Your Favorite Moments from the Old Forum

    I was just sitting back, remembering all those funny, ironic times on the old forum. There were a lot of them. That got me wondering what other people's favorites are. I think a perfect way to honor the old forums is to post our favorite moments. Of the top of my head: I'm sure there's been...
  2. Sombyr

    CTRL V

    From the old forums. Press "Ctrl+V" to paste whatever you have in your clipboard, and post it exactly as it appears. I'll start: Or comments comments work.
  3. Sombyr

    Kill the person above you.

    Really? Nobody made this one yet? Self explanatory. Kill the person above you. Not literally, that's illegal.
  4. Sombyr


    BUT WAIT! The forum game where there's a plot twist every post! Start each post with "BUT WAIT!" and post a shocking plot twist! Example: A man is drinking his coffee BUT WAIT! The coffee is poisoned! BUT WAIT! That man is the president! BUT WAIT! He's the president of mars! To start: A kid...
  5. Sombyr

    State something nobody would've guessed about you.

    Just say something about yourself nobody would've known otherwise. For a start, I can't perceive 3 dimensions in 2 dimensional art.
  6. Sombyr

    It's me, Gamablaze!

    Hi I'm Gamablaze. I'm dieing and the only thing that can save me is if you like all my posts.
  7. Sombyr

    Gama's Art Thread

    I'm back! (but probably only temporarily. Expect me to drop off the planet at any moment again.) The main post in this thread will not be updated anymore. Sorry, it just takes too much time and mental energy I don't have. Scroll through the posts to find any updates. As soon as I have a better...
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