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  1. Evilgrapez

    Music Evilgrapez's Music

    NOTE: Requests are open, but I am VERY busy with the Mharadium and Negativity Soundtrack, so there WILL be a delay on getting back to you. Also, I write EDM music mostly, so please don't leave a negative poll vote or a negative response just because it isn't your style. Featured track...
  2. Evilgrapez

    3DS 3DS Version Bugs

    So, I've been playing this version for a while and I'm loving it so far. But, as with all games on their first day of being released, it has a lot of bugs. I only have time to list a few though, so here we go. My pets do damage. I got a pet from chopping down a tree randomly. I forgot what it's...
  3. Evilgrapez

    Casual What're you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

    Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! I felt like making this thread just for fun to ask everyone what they are thankful for today. As for me, I'm thankful for all of the food! :p And I'm also thankful for the really nice community Terraria has. :3 So, what are you thankful for?
  4. Evilgrapez

    PC Celestial Stopper

    We all know what these are, right? Yeah, well, here's the thing: They're really annoying. Like, seriously, what if you just wanted to do battle with the Cultist to farm for the mask and trophy, or angered him by accident causing you to defeat him in battle? The price to pay for that is that...
  5. Evilgrapez

    PC Let's Make the Party Girl 20% Cooler!

    You all know the Party Girl. She's the rarest NPC, but all she does is just sell you completely useless (but pretty cool) stuff! Let's fix that! First, I say that there should be a Party Girl Voodoo Doll, so that we can all fulfill our fantasies of KILLING THAT DARN PARTY GIRL. After dying...
  6. Evilgrapez

    New Hammer - The Judge

    Hey guys! This is my very first suggestion, so please keep that in mind before you criticize. Anyways, this is a new endgame hammer I came up with, called The Judge. I imagine it looking something like this: (sprite by Milt69466. Thanks BTW) It would have 110 Melee Damage, 100% Hammer Power...
  7. Evilgrapez

    How do YOU pronounce Terraria?

    Just wondering how different people pronounce it. I pronounce it "Ter-air-e-uh"
  8. Evilgrapez

    Jimmy wants to Swim with the Sharks

    Jimmy wants to swim with the Sharks. You are his dad. What do you do?
  9. Evilgrapez

    Story "The Plague" - A Terraria Fanfiction

    EDIT: Hey, guys! Sorry about the long wait - I’m going to be totally honest with you: I forgot this even existed. I’ll be updating more often, I promise! Of course, Terraria 1.3 is up now, I’ve been playing the heck out of it, and will be adding many of the main elements into the main storyline...
  10. Evilgrapez

    PC BattleBlock Theater

    (Note: BattleBlock Theater is also on Xbox, not just PC, so you can talk about that version here, too. But be aware that I only own the Steam version, so don't try to set up a match with me on the Xbox version if you were planning on it!) I don't think I could find another thread about this...
  11. Evilgrapez

    The ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thread

    Exactly what the title says. Post anything to do with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) here. Allow me to go first:
  12. Evilgrapez

    What is the most rare thing you own?

    Exactly what the title says. Mine is probably Golden Thomas. They were selling Thomas toys, and there was an ad on TV that said they were packing a Golden Thomas with randomly selected playset. I bought playset after playset. I got all the other figures they put in, but never Thomas. But...
  13. Evilgrapez

    Which Amiibo for Super Smash Brothers are you getting?

    Hey guys. So, I was just curious about what Amiibo other people are getting. If you don't know what Amiibo is, check here, because I'm too lazy to explain. =P But I will say here that it can be used with different Nintendo games, but they were designed for Super Smash Brothers. I'm totally...
  14. Evilgrapez

    Quote Chain

    So basically, in this thread, you have to try to make a quote chain. A.K.A. you have to quote the person above you, who has to quote the person above him, who has to quote the person above him, who has to quote the person above him, ect. When that happens, we will have a quote chain! Which will...
  15. Evilgrapez

    What is your favorite Biome?

    Title pretty much says it all. I was just wondering what your favorite Biome is. My favorite is the Hallow. I would have it at my base if it weren't for the fact that it would ruin the look of my tree home. =) Make sure to let me know if a Biome is missing! EDIT: Oh gosh. I just realized that...
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