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  1. Ashen75

    CC Creation Compendium #70

    My god, the Skull Girls crossover is amazing
  2. Ashen75

    That's from Starbound, isn't it? Nice!

    That's from Starbound, isn't it? Nice!
  3. Ashen75

    tModLoader The Deconstructor

    Are the lunar fragments exploitable?
  4. Ashen75

    CC Creation Compendium #41

    I really like that dryad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Ashen75

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog

    This is great!
  6. Ashen75

    Adventure Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

    The was the first Terraria map I played, as well as the first one that I didn't give up on halfway through. It still remains as my favorite Terraria map. Thanks for making this. By the way, when I first played this, there was a problem at the middle of the map where the player needed a pickaxe...
  7. Ashen75

    tModLoader My first attempt with mod item spriting

    I think he's probably looking for coders to make a mod using his sprites.
  8. Ashen75

    tModLoader Nothing

    What is this?
  9. Ashen75

    tModLoader Gintama Mod

    Honestly, your spriting isn't that good. It's too bland and has no shading. Try to use more colors in the clothing with different shades of the same color, etc.
  10. Ashen75

    tModLoader NPC Booster

    It can be pretty damn annoying when slimes, the easiest enemies in the game, do 170 damage to you.
  11. Ashen75

    tModLoader NPC Booster

    Tried this mod in expert mode, got spawn killed about 10 or so times to a Titan blue slime that kept instakilling me. God dammit m8 terraria isn't supposed to be dark souls
  12. Ashen75

    tModLoader Fast Start

    Can I interfere? The five basic classes in Terraria + Miner would be enough since there's another mod that adds a ton of different unique classes, and this mod isn't really focused on that. I tried to balance these out the best I could :) Warrior: Gold/Silver-tier broadsword OR Rally OR...
  13. Ashen75

    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    Can you give us mac users a manual download link? The mod browser doesn't work for us.
  14. Ashen75

    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    I have a suggestion for a stealthy class. It's a glass cannon and does high damage but dies really easily. Formatted it the same way you do so that it's easier to see. Assassin: Starting items: Grappling hook, Tiger climbing gear (Or Tabi, but that might be OP) Choosing this class will grant...
  15. Ashen75

    tModLoader World: Disconnected

    Could you add a download link for people who are on mac and can't use the mod browser?
  16. Ashen75

    tModLoader Fast Start

    How about giving several hundred, or maybe even a stack of wood?
  17. Ashen75

    Tales of the Terrarian

    I watched Pedguin's stream on this map, it was really creative!
  18. Ashen75

    1.3.1 Preview Stream

    Don't you remember what happened in the 1.3 prerelease streams?
  19. Ashen75

    Sprites! - More Celestial-Tier Items

    Hopefully, a modder sees this and decides to make a mod
  20. Ashen75

    tModLoader Sword Of Cthulhu

    The sprite for the machine gun of Cthulhu could definitely use some improvements.
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