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  1. Samrux

    Short Story I'm a paladin

    I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission. I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission. I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission. Life and death are no more. Hundreds of the damned crawl around me, they tear each other apart until there is no flesh left in bone. My own skin is now cold and deformed. These dark chambers must...
  2. Samrux

    tModLoader Virtuous Weapon Pack

    Samrux's Virtuous weapon pack! Aiming to create new and fun weapon mechanics. 50,000+ downloads on Mod Browser! Have you ever wanted to shoot an arrow at the sky and have it rain despair on your enemies, fling your foes into the air and make them take fall damage, or hastily punch mobs to...
  3. Samrux

    So I made this language / writing system for fun. I can "translate" something into it for you.

    Some info for the curious inside these two spoilers. I don't know what to name it. Let's call it "samruxbabble" or "samruxspeak". But here's a placeholder title written in fancy samruxbabble. "Sebae": Here's how the thing actually looks like written down: "Victor" "Unity, under...
  4. Samrux

    PC I programmed a tiny game. It's Tic-Tac-Toe under a new light.

    Hi! I'm glad you're here >//< I do programming as a hobby. 3 years ago I taught myself how to do C++, through videos and the internet. I'm in all senses a beginner, and I do it because it's fun. I've tried making several games ever since I first started, and I think I finally accomplished a...
  5. Samrux

    PC Endgame "Money Trough"-like item with both piggy bank and safe functionalities.

    A left click would send out a hovering piggy bank, as usual. Right-clicking would send out a hovering safe. Putting it near the endgame would serve the player with greater utility and convenience, without making gameplay easier. It's perfect. Source, name, sprite and details would be left to...
  6. Samrux

    How can I run Terraria on standalone?

    I heard of a user whose Terraria experience was greatly enhanced after ralizing that Steam had been causing him great framerate issues for a long time. Apparently, not even removing the Steam overlay (shift+tab) had given him the boost he finally got after buying Terraria on Gog. I'm tired of...
  7. Samrux

    My ideas for a non-restrictive "summoner-only" run

    I am simply not the type of guy that enjoys dodging and doing nothing when I play summoner, nor the type that doesn't take it as a chore to build semi-efficient trap arenas to fight whatever thing it is without using weapons. The "pure" summoner simply isn't for me; I find it...
  8. Samrux

    How "chance to not consume ammo" works (Explanation)

    How does reduced ammo consumption work in Terraria? It's a question that has been baffling me ever since I first joined Terraria, more than three years ago. You see, there are various items in Terraria that give a specified "chance to not consume ammo". The Minishark and Megashark both have an...
  9. Samrux

    Four Pillars

    The power of other worlds, of stars dead and unborn, of stars far away, and the single of our own. Vortex, Nebula, Stardust, Solar. I just wanted to show the beauty of the celestial objects that the four pillars of the Lunar Event represent.
  10. Samrux

    Post your dungeon!

    The Dungeon in Terraria is a terrible and mysterious place. It can come in three colors; Blue, Green and Pink. The random aspect of Terraria's world generation can create very fun and interesting dungeon designs, some of which might even be worth sharing. Every dungeon is different and unique...
  11. Samrux

    NPCs have terrible AI.

    I built my NPC mansion partially with the new NPC mechanics in mind. Stairs allow any NPC from anywhere in the house to reach anywhere else; I figured this would make the building much more lively and interesting, if not frustrating to find someone I needed during the day. It turns out, though...
  12. Samrux

    Items retaining their prefixes after crafting: Has this happened to you?

    I was impressed today to find a Warding Tsunami in a Bottle from fishing. I later found a Balloon Pufferfish, and crafted it together with the Tsunami in a Bottle to get... a Warding Sharkron Balloon. After that, I imagined how ridiculously lucky it would be to get another warding once I mixed...
  13. Samrux

    PC Single incident - Blue screen of death upon exiting Terraria

    Last night, after I had finished messing around in 1.3 for a bit, I closed the game. When I pressed exit, my computer glitched and gave me a blue screen. I don't feel in the mood to purposefully test this by myself again, but I think it is worth it to report the incident here, for anyone to...
  14. Samrux

    Poetry A cursed paladin's verses

    This thread has emerged from the novel I am writing; Story of a Paladin. In it, Samrux is condemned to be immortal, and to forever stay in the dungeon. At one point, he starts writing poetry. As so, this thread will contain poetry related to the dungeon, and Samrux's life. Every poem will also...
  15. Samrux

    What are your favorite sections in the game's progression?

    You may select two options from the poll. My definite most favorite part is the Hardmode Dungeon. Bring those skeletons and casters, and make them know my fury (or get killed by them merciless) My second is the pre-hardmode corruption and crimson. Preparing and defeating the Eater or Brain is...
  16. Samrux

    My honest apologies

    I have done a few things that might or not have bothered some people, or that simply are to be ashamed of. Some others might be misunderstood, when there was never a bad intention behind them. I'll cover them here, and why I did them. But don't worry, I didn't do anything terrible. This...
  17. Samrux

    If you could be an NPC?

    If I was not the player, but one of the 23 NPCs on the game, I'd choose to be the Wizard. He appears to have had an interesting life. Plus, magic And you?
  18. Samrux

    Ask a Paladin

    @ < Hello. I am Samrux, the dungeon paladin. In this thread, you may ask me any question related to my life in the dungeon, my forum persona (the one making avatars, drawings and stories), or my real-life self (should I want to answer). Enjoy yourselves Last thread got to 5 pages in 23 hours...
  19. Samrux

    Casual Ask a Paladin

    @ < Hello. I am Samrux, the dungeon paladin. In this thread, you may ask me any question related to my life in the dungeon, my forum persona (the one making avatars, drawings and stories), or my real-life self (should I want to answer). Enjoy yourselves .
  20. Samrux

    Casual What were you tempted to do on April Fools, but didn't?

    I am tempted to publish another "This page was torn apart" in my ongoing story on the forums I was never the guy to enjoy making pranks, as small as they might be, on April Fools though. What about you guys?
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