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  1. blaze the flareon

    PS4 Warframe trading post, sorta?

    A trading for items like keys and warframes, basic key currency: 5-10 platinum each. Whe gotta make a profit somehow!
  2. blaze the flareon

    PS4 [Critter mega glitch]1.2.3 Landmine Squirrel Glitch.

    If you place landmines on a wall, the spawn an infinite number of squirrels
  3. blaze the flareon

    PS4 Blaze's shop of stuffs

    I can provide ANYTHING for whatever price YOU desire....P.S. I have most 1.2.3 items
  4. blaze the flareon

    PS4 Need pets

    Any price at all 4 dem petz
  5. blaze the flareon

    PS3 paladin's hammer/anke charm

    anke charm or paladin's hammer for 3-5 platinum coins. pwn is empty1974
  6. blaze the flareon

    PS3 palladin's hammer

    ill give vamire knives for palladin's hammer my psn is empty1974
  7. blaze the flareon

    Resolved [PS3] pumpkin moon ps3

    ok so ive gotten a lot of stuff on ps3 for terraria but i cant do to well on the pumpkin moon so can any one help please?
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