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  1. Clooless

    **REPORTED** Replaced Journey's Beginning Song Weirdness with Music Packs

    So as I understood how the "Journey's Beginning" song worked pre-1.4.2, based on this small statement in the second paragraph of this tool page: Tool - Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator The version of the song including the intro (50) would play for 1:24, which is the exact...
  2. Clooless

    Music Pack Ultimate Classic Sonic Music Pack - Featuring Selections from Sonic 1, 2, 3, 3&K, 3D Blast, and CD - For Terraria 1.4.2

    As the title states, this here is a Music Pack made using music from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, specifically songs from the games in the 'Classic' Sega Genesis Era: Sonic 1 and 2, songs both from 3 standalone and the complete 3 & Knuckles, and the side-game Sonic 3D Blast... As...
  3. Clooless

    **REPORTED** Small Graphical Error - Hunter Cloak Misalignment in sitting position

    As shown here, the hunter cloak is misaligned when sitting on the bench. This could also mean that there may be other graphical misalignments like this with other vanity items when sitting. I'd suggest making a thread for these smaller graphical issues which may be numerous but that's up to you...
  4. Clooless

    PC Strange music effects, or compression issues?

    I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it's intentional, but it feels like some of the new music has some kind of compression issue causing it to sound sort of bit-crushed or something at parts where possibly a lot of instruments are playing. This is especially noticeable in the new Underground...
  5. Clooless

    A Good Way to Improve the Guide

    So after reading a thread and seeing some comments about the annoyance of the guide, I came up with an idea to improve upon him. The Help button is useful, if you like clicking over and over... What I propose is that a new GUI is made for the help button. Something like the Achievement GUI...
  6. Clooless

    PC Boss Statues and Boss Defeated Detector

    There are so many possibilities for adventure maps now, but there seems to be an issue with some that want to incorporate bosses into the map. For instance, you want a map with a temple and an Eye of Cthulhu fight. 2 problems arise: what happens when you run out of summoners? and can't you just...
  7. Clooless

    PC Expert Mode Durability

    This is a random, out-there idea, and will probably never be added. I just thought it would be kind of cool? This is basically the entropy kind of durability, just not like Minecraft Durability where you have to craft new items constantly. It would be an expert-only kind of thing, and would...
  8. Clooless

    PC Filling the missing Tiers: An all-class expansion suggestion

    -----------INTRODUCTION So, to begin with, I see all the Terraria armors and such in a list of tiers. Such tiers include: Pre-Hardmode Ores, Evil, Magma, Hardmode Ores, Hallowed Alternative, Clorophyte, Plantera, Lizarhd, Lunar. Other tiers such as certain events and bosses like Martian Madness...
  9. Clooless

    3DS Is 3DS going to be like mobile?

    So I've seen the features of mobile... the toned down difficulty, the extra drops (like arch wyvrens dropping shadow keys), no housing system, no counter items (like watches), only autoswing, no shortsword to start, and more. And I would like to know if 3DS will be the same way. I would like it...
  10. Clooless

    A thing about wires: Mechanical Wrench, Infinite Wire Pouch

    When I want to make a teleporter, I have to go across the entire world SLOOOOOWWWLLLLYYYY placing the wires connecting it. I hate doing that. I would rather click at point A and fly to point B and click, and bam. Wire. Which is why I want to suggest a special wrench (possibly purchased after...
  11. Clooless

    Wire Range?

    So I make a long range teleporter. I have it perfectly connected, and everything. I have it spanning from the center of the world to the end. I test it. I go no-where. What did I do wrong? Or, did the developers forget to eliminated wire range, like in the PC 1.2 update? Please tell me.;(
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