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  1. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Learn By Doing

    This is a lightweight RPG mod that allows you to gain levels in a variety of skills by doing things related to those skills, in the style of the Elder Scrolls and Rune Factory games. Leveling skills will grant small, relevant stat bonuses. Hit things with melee weapons and you'll do a little...
  2. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Even More Modifiers

    This mod adds an extra layer of modifiers to Weapons and Accessories. Armor can also roll these modifiers. OPEN SOURCE: REPOSITORY HERE Items obtained before this mod was installed can roll modifiers by dropping them and then picking them up. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] WARNING...
  3. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Brainstorming Loot Prefixes

    As a followup to my last thread, I'm posting this to gather names and effects for loot prefixes. Prefixes will be divided into 2 categories: weapons and equipment. Prefixes on weapons and accessories will be in addition to vanilla prefixes - this does not override the vanilla system, it just...
  4. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Gauging interest in types of randomized loot mods

    Now that tModLoader allows the saving of custom data for items, it's possible to have equipment spawn with a variety of random bonuses, somewhat like prefixes in the base game. I'm interested in making a mod that does this, but I'm looking to see how people feel about the kinds of bonuses that...
  5. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    This mod allows new characters to choose a class at the beginning of the game - you will start with a blank contract which can be crafted into a contract for any class. Choosing a class will have immediate effects on the character's stats and provide some starting gear. The chosen class will...
  6. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Looking to expand my mod team

    As I approach the release of the loot update for my prefixes mod, I realize that this could have gone much quicker with even one or two more people working with me. Currently, I am doing all the coding and @PhoenixBlade is doing all the spriting. And so, I am looking for at least one more sprite...
  7. Hiccup251

    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

    This mod has two goals. The first is to add variety to enemies via Prefixes. When an enemy spawns, it has a chance to roll a prefix in one or more categories. Prefixes can be as simple as making the enemy deal more damage, or a bit more complex like causing its attacks to inflict debuffs, steal...
  8. Hiccup251

    tAPI Alternate item use on right-click?

    I'm trying to make a sword that behaves like a normal sword on left-click, but consumes mana and shoots a projectile on right-click. However, it seems that the only hook in tAPI that calls on right-click is under ModInterface, and I have no idea how to make use of that in context of a specific...
  9. Hiccup251

    tAPI Mechanical Arms Mod

    Mechanical Arms Mod A WIP content mod for tAPI r12 So far, this mod doesn't add too much in the way of content. There is one progression of swords, all (for now) using the same sprite: The first sword can be crafted with Hallowed Bars and Cogs, the rest are currently just made with dirt...
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