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  1. ItsTheKais

    Texture packs turn themselves off every time the game updates

    Whenever the game updates, all texture packs turn themselves off. This is basically the game going out of its way to make the player do menu busywork, so can it please not? Thanks.
  2. ItsTheKais

    **REPORTED** Princess dialogue spoils bosses and events that haven't been encountered yet

    The princess has dialogue lines that reference the Frost Legion, Martian Madness, Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon, and Duke Fishron, but she can say those lines at any time, regardless of whether or not the player has cleared, encountered, or even can encounter them.
  3. ItsTheKais

    Accessory tails no longer override costume tails

    In through, equipping a costume shirt with a tail (e.g. fox shirt) and an accessory tail at the same time would replace the costume tail with the accessory tail. This is broken in 1.4.1(.1), and the tail accessories do nothing if a costume with a tail is worn.
  4. ItsTheKais

    Working as Designed Hardmode "V" generation is not random

    I've been restoring world backups and beating the Wall of Flesh for the past half-hour, and after finally getting exhausted with the hallow generating on the non-jungle side of the map, decided to take some screenshots to compare. Turns out, not only are the two halves of the "V" generating on...
  5. ItsTheKais

    **REPORTED** Gem minecart particles are affected by the mount dye slot

    As you can see, there is dye in the mount slot, no dye in the cart slot, and the particles (which should be orange) are green.
  6. ItsTheKais

    World load detector

    For convenience's sake, this post has been edited so that the most polished design stays at the top. The original content has been spoilered at the bottom for posterity. The Mk4 World Load Detector, now working in 1.4 and beyond (in spite of Re-Logic's efforts): When first building this, make...
  7. ItsTheKais

    Period Multipliers (or: N Second Timer, where N is whatever you want it to be)

    This is a 1 Second Timer connected to a 2× multiplier circuit, creating a "2 Second Timer." Since it outputs one pulse for every two pulses from the input timer, it's basically a flip-flop that works by venting magic smoke. Now, you might be wondering: "why not just use the flip-flop function...
  8. ItsTheKais

    Please remove the Mushi Ladybug's sounds.

    The Mushi Ladybug's sound clips, added in, are both extremely shrill and far louder than most of Terraria's audio, and they've been giving me headaches every time I go hunting Truffle Worms. I took my headphones off and put them on the desk, a solid meter from my ears, and I can still...
  9. ItsTheKais

    Bright Rainbow Dye

    It's unlikely, but you might remember this fellow: He used to live in my avatar, back in '14. Doesn't he look festive with all the bright colors? I feel happier just looking at him. Well, bad news. That screenshot was taken in, which it would have had to for me to have been using it in...
  10. ItsTheKais

    Texture Pack Kais's Tweaxtures!

    A small series of packs that change a few things each, because it's 2020 and we modularity these days. Now for use with Terraria 1.4's built-in texture pack feature!
  11. ItsTheKais

    Rarity Rainbow Reorder

    (Try saying that five times fast!) Does it bug anyone else that the rarity colors are all out of whack? Up through 1.1 it was pretty good, but the new rarity levels added in 1.2 had hues attached to them arbitrarily that aren't in order. The rainbow ought to be rearranged so it's actually a...
  12. ItsTheKais

    Freshly-planted tree changes

    Because making wood happen is not as straightforward as it ought to be. Give each tree type its own unique seed So let me get this straight. All these trees are so different that they deserve their own names, yet they all grow from (and produce) the exact same Acorn? And one of them is even a...
  13. ItsTheKais

    The great vanity accessory migration

    With the (relatively) recent advent of vanity accessories, there's now a massive pool of possibilities for wearable doodads. Problem is, some of those are already taken, their beauty doomed to be obscured beneath unsightly armor... The first bit of this proposal is simple: improve certain...
  14. ItsTheKais

    More early-game bullets!

    If you wield a bow and haven't dismantled the Wall of Flesh yet, you still have a bunch of options for ammo. Prior to hardmode, arrows come in Wooden, Flaming, Frostburn, Jester's, Unholy, and Hellfire varieties, as well as Spectral if you're playing on a console. But if you pack a firearm, you...
  15. ItsTheKais

    The Astrologer: read the skies!

    Folks get annoyed over celestial events pretty regularly ("I just got two blood moons in a row! When will it end?" or "I've been waiting so long for an eclipse!"), so let's have an NPC who can ease the pain a bit. The Astrologer will arrive once a Solar Ecplise has passed and there is a house...
  16. ItsTheKais

    Hologram Projectors

    If you want a "fake biome," there's two things you can use: Music Boxes to change the music Water Fountains to change the water But it still won't be perfectly convincing because of the background. For example, if you put the Hallow Music Box and Water Fountain in a Corruption biome, you will...
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