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  1. TerrariaOn3DS

    Single Thread RP Crisis Averted: Skyrim RolePlay

    Welcome to the land of Skyrim! You, whatever you may be, are in Skyrim my friend! This land is large and full of Bandits, Giants, Trolls, Mages, and just about anything you can think of! There are dragons too, but the Dragonborn has killed many of them, including Alduin, and that means that the...
  2. TerrariaOn3DS

    3DS How do I get the Demolitionist to sell the Roman Candle?

    I know that it has to be the christmas season, but he won't sell it! I don't even think that the clothier sells that one hat during christmas! All other time specific items like heart arrows sell, but just not christmas ones. Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?
  3. TerrariaOn3DS

    Single Thread RP SCP Site-19 Single Thread RolePlay!

    Welcome To The Foundation. This is Site-19, the most well known of the sites. It has often breaches of containment but it will be your job to lower, or raise that number. Many anomalous creatures are here, ranging from murderous statues to fire breathing snails. This will be a nice spike in...
  4. TerrariaOn3DS

    What is the Goriest game you have ever played?

    Gory games are everywhere, but which is the goriest? Many just have a lot of blood, some have many giblets, *cough*Terraria*cough* and some are just absolutely gruesome! I want to know what REALLY gory games you have played. No pictures please, but if you want to link us to a YT vid that shows...
  5. TerrariaOn3DS

    Single Thread RP The Ultimate FNaF Theme Park

    "Welcome to the Ultimate FNaF Theme Park! Here, we've perfectly recreated every single animatronic from every one of the iconic video games, and have them wander around the entire large theme park as much as they want. They can't leave, so don't worry about one following you home, haha! We also...
  6. TerrariaOn3DS

    3DS Frost Moon Help Wanted

    I can do well in the frost moon, me and my brother do this event together all of the time and have only ever made it to the first wave that Ice queen spawns. We are trying to get her drops but we can't really progress fast enough to kill her more than once! I need some tips on how to progress...
  7. TerrariaOn3DS

    Help Me prove this guy wrong, or right!

    I have gotten into a HEATED arguement with this guy in the comments about whether the player in the fanart displayed on screen through the whole video, is wielding a Megashark and wearing steampunk wings or not. I need assistance in proving this guy wrong. (or right, I could be wrong here!)...
  8. TerrariaOn3DS

    Ask 3DS Specific Creatures Anything!

    Its me and I decided to let some 3DS/Old-gen console creatures answer questions. Hello, I am a Spectral Elemental! Yup, we got him and many more, (may or may not have a certain removed boss). Here's a link to the wiki page just in case you don't know any of these creatures. 3DS version
  9. TerrariaOn3DS

    Resolved [3DS] Is there coin gun/lucky coin/discount card?

    I looked at the wiki and it shows no symbols, which usually means that you can get them in any device. but I have never gotten ANY of these items and was hoping to see if anybody could say whether or not you can get them.
  10. TerrariaOn3DS

    Ask me anything about Terraria on the 3DS

    I play terraria 3ds alot, in fact it is the only version aside from old gen console that I have played, I know a lot about it and was wondering if anybody wanted to know anything about it.
  11. TerrariaOn3DS

    3DS 3DS Rod Of Discord Help Needed

    I'm trying to get the R.O.D on my 3ds, but i'm having trouble. Basically, I've played 3ds edition for over a year and have an endgame character, I want a rod of discord but I have never seen a single chaos or even spectral elemental in all of my playtime. I've looked on these forums and on the...
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