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  1. LeeTG3

    Lock Doors

    Have you wanted to keep monsters out but not have a big and ugly iron door? Do players keep raiding your stuff when your not around? You can stop it all with two simple items: The key and padlock! Padlock: Makes a door unable to be opened without a matching key also will make the door...
  2. LeeTG3

    tModLoader Lee's Tweaks

    I always find myself mining, I think I have enough ore for the full armor set, then I get less bars than I had ore. Things like that will make up this mod, any recipes or items that could be better. Recipe tweaks: Ores: Pre hardmode: 1 ore = 1 bar Hardmode: 2 ore = 2 bars (Also includes...
  3. LeeTG3

    Other Art LeeTG3's Banners

    Hello, This is LeeTG3's Logos, Everytime I see a banner, I expect a great advert displaying something from whatever it is, that will make you want to click on it, but sometimes I see banners so bad I want to recreate it. That is what I am here for, I will take your requests to make a banner...
  4. LeeTG3

    tModLoader LeeTG3's Exquisite Mods

    Every time I add something to my signature, it breaks and creates multiple tabs of the same thing, so I finally had the idea to fix this, and just put this in my signature! So here are all my mods in order, best to not as good as the first one (my opinion). One of my most proud of mods...
  5. LeeTG3

    tModLoader Demolitionist+, adds more explosives to the game!

    Welcome to demolitionist+!! This is a mod focusing on explosives and the demolitionist!! I hope you enjoy it! Discord: https://discord.gg/tP3M45S If you have any Ideas, pleas put them in the comments, I greatly appreciate any ideas. The demolitionist will sell these items (wip) Bee Bomb...
  6. LeeTG3

    tModLoader Need help updating my mod to tmodloader

    I have only recently updated to tmodloader and I tried to use my mod but it gave me various errors, I know I have to update it but I dont know how and what changed. Please help! My mod is terralands. I could not find anything on google about this matter. If possible, could you please...
  7. LeeTG3

    Member-Run Contest Weekly spriting contest 2!

    So I was looking through the older sprites on the spriting carnival and noticed there were lots for a spriting contest, I looked for this and found out it was locked, so I remade it!! Welcome to the weekly spriting contest! V 2.0. Every week I will announce the winner and choose a new theme...
  8. LeeTG3

    Discontinued Mods/ Small mods for Project Starlight. Any people that want there mod in this mod.

    Any people that want there mod in the Project Starlight mod please say so here, we are trying to make a really big mod that contains stuff from other mod that are discontinued/small along with some stuff we came up with. You can find our mod HERE. So far we have only our own mods: Omadium
  9. LeeTG3

    Sprites The Undergrowth - A new underground biome!

    The undergrowth is a biome where plant life, and creatures have been able to evolve at an accelerated rate, because of its naturally generated ore, which has amazing abilities to heal the dead, and evolve anything around it. [WIP] Blocks Mush Block This is the main block surrounding the...
  10. LeeTG3

    Better Building Blocks

    In Terraria there is a vast amount of building blocks you can use, but everyone seems to use wood and easily obtained building materials, I thought this was just too bland. Introducing the block manipulator!! [Bigger Picture Here] With this crafting bench you can customize tiles with a variety...
  11. LeeTG3

    Pixel Art LeeTG3's Spriting Thread

    Hello, My name is LeeTG3, and I want to start a sprite thread, so I did. Request Rules: 1. Make sure your request is detailed so I can make a decent sprite. 2. Do not frequently ask for sprites. 3. I do not do large sprite 4. I can choose if I don't want to sprite something. 5. You can...
  12. LeeTG3

    tModLoader The Builder's Mod! By LeeTG3 [WIP]

    This is the Builders mod! It focuses on the construction side of Terraria. It will add Tiles and walls, but will also add construction themed items and weapons. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave it in the comments. I need help with spriting and coding for this mod, so if you want...
  13. LeeTG3

    tModLoader Terralands, By LeeTG3

    Notice!! This mod has now been combined with Taradoxian Mod!! I am LeeTG3, and this is the Terralands mod, I made this mod to learn how to code. But I am still continuing the mod. I really like swords, so there is going to be a lot of swords in my mod. 15,000 Downloads update is out!! Warning...
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