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  1. SpiritInfinity

    Pixel Art Spirit's NEW Pixel Art Thread

    I made a little pixel art before I left these forums about a year ago. I got bored at school and made some more, mainly using colour schemes I found on google but I am trying to create my own. So here's what I have, I guess. I just put it in one big poster, if anyone is stupid enough to use my...
  2. SpiritInfinity

    PC Suspicious Looking... Bacon?

    There have been a lot of threads about a Martian Madness summoning item, so I decided to make one too, except instead of a beacon or transmitter device I decided to use.. Bacon! Why? Because it's BACON for gods sake! Here's the stats: Name B(e)acon (Goat simulator reference, thanks for the idea...
  3. SpiritInfinity

    PC New Mannequin Types

    This is exactly what it sounds like in the title. After someone commented on being able to dye mannequins skin colour on another suggestion I made I decided to make a suggestion on being able to create new types of mannequins out of specific materials, consequently changing their usual look (eg...
  4. SpiritInfinity

    PC -Not A Bug-

    I was stupid and posted what a thought was a bug yet wasn't :/
  5. SpiritInfinity

    Pixel Art Spirit's Sprite's

    ---THIS IS MY OLD THREAD FROM A YEAR AGO--- NEW ONE: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/spirits-new-pixel-art-thread.45397/#post-1010002 I'm pretty new to spriting and I've only made a few sprites, but I thought I may as well post what I have made so far here, and I will edit in...
  6. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTB Terrarian

    I would like to buy a terrarian. Thats... just about it.
  7. SpiritInfinity

    PC Stop Auto-Generating Hallow In My Jungle!

    Nearly every time I change a world to hardmode the hallow generates inside the jungle so I have to scavenge for halowed blocks then create a contained one somewhere. This problem is even worse in 1.3 when I want to fight the destroyer with the Daedalus Stormbow I have to create a artificial...
  8. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTB Metal Detector

    The metal detector is the last item I need for the cell phone, I will pay handsomely for one.
  9. SpiritInfinity

    PC Expert Mode Wiring!

    This is a bunch of ideas I have for special wiring, but they will only be available in expert mode. Wireless Transmitter - Sold by Cyborg in expert mode - Sends Wireless Signals to Wireless Receivers with the same Numeral (Furniture Item). When right clicked will open a GUI which will allow you...
  10. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTS Nazar, Mythical Lunar Flare

    Selling a Nazar and a Mythical Lunar Flare Looking for: Lunar Portal Staff Terrarian Fishing accesories (especially cell phone items) Metal Detector Strange Plants Strange Plant Dyes
  11. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTB Lunar Portal Staff & Terrarian

    I would like to buy a terrarian and a lunar portal staff. Just tell me what you want I will see if I have it.
  12. SpiritInfinity

    WIP Daedalus & Midas NPC's & Minotaur Bosses

    The marble and granite mini-biomes are large parts of the 1.3 update, which are scattered across the map on world generation and there are a lot of them. But they don't have very much influence on the main objectives and have very few weapons which either can be replaced by better or have...
  13. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTS High Test Fishing Line

    Selling High Test Fishing line for other fishing accessories.
  14. SpiritInfinity

    PC Dyeable Hotbar Items

    So you've got your favourite weapon after hours of farming, but you don't like it's colour. Well, to change this I bring you my dyeable hotbar suggestion! This will allow you to dye any of the items in your hotbar whatever colour you like! Now you're thinking, I like the idea, but another row in...
  15. SpiritInfinity

    PC Mannequin GUI

    So here's the idea - a GUI for mannequins that allows users to dye the armour on them as well as add up to six accessories and dye them. I guess the GUI will pretty much look just like the main accessory and armour slots minus one column. The player will also be able to quick change from what...
  16. SpiritInfinity

    PC WTS: Pumking Drops

    So I went all out on the pumpkin moon and got every drop possible from the pumpking (including about 30 trophies). Judging by how far you will probably have got looking at this post here are the post-celestial events stuff I am looking for: Coins Mourning Wood drops Metal Detector Fishing armour...
  17. SpiritInfinity

    PC Access to unopened Crimson Chest in post-plantera world or Vamp Knives

    I wish to buy access to a unopened crimson chest in a post-plantera world or trade my crimson key and money/item(s) for vampire knives .
  18. SpiritInfinity

    WIP Spirit's Suggestions For July 2015

    The reason I am making this thread is because I have so many large suggestions I want to post so I decided to put them all into one thread. If anything needs buffing or nerfing or a complete change please leave a comment below, feedback is appreciated. Also, I plan on making some sprites after I...
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