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  1. Quethed

    PC Remove world gen of rails

    I find that that rail world gen has countless issues. Issues that I can think of instantly: 1: Overrides modded things 2: Makes exploring too easy 3: Crafting rails is perfect at 1 iron for 50 4: destroys lots of things it should not get into like: Underground cabins Statues 5: This is everyday...
  2. Quethed

    What do you make out of this?

    I hate how this was moved to general mod discussion, the point is the worlds I generated 2 worlds in a row, and they both failed because terraria decided to take drugs and mess up the steps of world gen 1: went corrupt, I only have a screenshot: 2: (287) Crashed and I didn't know that the file...
  3. Quethed

    tModLoader Modders: Free code and help

    I am offering with this page for modders to post code, textures, or ideas on here for other modders to use. This is not an excuse to steal code, and if somebody claims some please try not to steal it, also give credit at all times Rules: 1: give credit to author 2: respect any wishes the author...
  4. Quethed

    tModLoader How to code spreading block (Much needed page)

    Some of the "using" might be useless, idk This is unfinished, but it has the basics for normal spread, and terrible grass Anyone can contribute extra needed or related (to either grass or spreading blocks) code to this thread (Like how to set or edit conversion tables for example) I give...
  5. Quethed

    The Unfinished And Unstable World

    I was making a mod and I got the funniest world, because it never finished its gen, however the next world worked, also it should be ok without mods, however it might require tmodloader even though nothing modded spawned NOTES: 1: it should be playable if you bring a jungle temple alter, as...
  6. Quethed

    tModLoader More Spawns ++

    The More spawns ++ mod heavily increases spawn rates of enemys there is not much content, as there is not much to add Plans: None Notes: Pedguin did this first Credits: Quethed Known bugs: None Install: 1: Unzip File 2: Move MoreSpawns.tmod to Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods/...
  7. Quethed

    Say something random

    RULES: 1029: No spam MY RANDOM WORD: Cat.
  8. Quethed

    Jungle unbalanced

    I think that for terraria otherworld, if there was a jungle, but i don't think it should get much content. I instead think other biomes should be hogging content and the jungle lacking, to be opposite to terraria, it would be nice to see what content could have been added aswell.
  9. Quethed

    tModLoader Slime Biome Mod

    (Revived 9/10/2018. Updates shall come) I need someone to help with music I also need someone to help with backgrounds The Slime Biome Mod is a WIP, but it is a mod about Slimes Download: Quethed/Slime_Biome there is not much content at the moment. Right now there is: 1 buff 23 Walls, Some...
  10. Quethed

    tModLoader Metal Biome Mod

    The Metal Biome Mod is a WIP, but it is a mod about robots there is not much content at the moment Right now there is: 1 Tile 7 NPCs, Including a WIP Town NPC, And some Unobtainable 5 Items, And some Unobtainable Plans: Hardmode support (only 2 items so far, 1 unobtainable) New way to obtain...
  11. Quethed

    WIP-UNRELEASED-SlimeBiome Mod

    I am currently making a slime biome mod, this thread was released early to try to avoid competition, Info will be made when this mod is released.
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