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  1. HatsuneMikuWithTheZenith

    the lunatic islands

    a sequence of floating islands at max height area. it generates after the cultist is dead. it appears as the void and has its own enemies. this would be hard to program so its probably never gonna exist.
  2. HatsuneMikuWithTheZenith

    the face carver

    a new drop from the pumpking. it takes the appearance of a bloody pumpkin carver, like one of those cheap ones. it deals 50 damage at fast speed, not very powerful. its powerful for one reason: the more kills, its damage increases because of a "soul passive" that appears in the corner.
  3. HatsuneMikuWithTheZenith

    Concept for a new boss

    It will bw the true finale, even though jounrneys end was the end, i dont want it to be, nobody does. Name: The Ender Of Universes Attacks: turns your world into projectiles, throwing ground and structures at you. It also can consume it for more health. Base health: 6 million. (Big tank boy)...
  4. HatsuneMikuWithTheZenith

    New NPC concept

    Name: Plantera Yes its a friendly plantera It sells jungle items and loot It also only appears after plantera has been defeated;post plantera It will sell souls of sight,fright,and might during blood moons exclusivley.
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