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  1. Aarpocalypse

    PC Renaming worlds/characters may cause them to become unplayable if the game crashes

    After having renamed a world, if the game crashes the world/character may become unplayable, nothing seems to fix this issue-file movement stops file manager from responding and trying to rename the glitched world/player crashes Terraria. Left image-glitched player, Right image-glitched world...
  2. Aarpocalypse

    Mobile Flamelash visual bug

    When using flamelash random streaks of trail projectile can be seen flying off vertically. This may occur with other guidable weapons, but I have not checked.
  3. Aarpocalypse

    Mobile Frame drops and crashes

    I' m playing on a kindle fire 10 (up to date model), and the game sometimes has huge lag spikes (even when all settings set to be frame efficient), it appears to be caused by mini-map and screen effects.
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