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  1. WesleyCody

    tModLoader Useful Junk

    Useful Junk A simple QOL mod (mostly for myself) to add some simple uses to junk. New Items: Salvaged Junk - Can be sold for 20 Silver Crafted out of any junk at an Extractonator Seaweed Soup - Gives Well Fed buff Crafted with 1 Seaweed, 1 Mushroom, 1 Bowl or 2 Seaweed, 1 Bowl at Cooking Pot...
  2. WesleyCody

    tModLoader Starter Classes

    Starter Classes Starter Classes adds a starting item (the Unopened Bag) which allows you to start the game as any class immediately, without having to grind for any class items, as well as making newly created characters start with iron tools along with an iron hammer to decrease early game...
  3. WesleyCody

    tModLoader Craftable Paints

    Craftable Paints Craftable Paints is a simple mod I made to make building a little bit easier, by adding crafting recipes for the base painting tools and paints! Please let me know of any bugs that you have found or changes you would like me to make Have a great day Terrarians! :)
  4. WesleyCody

    Modded Worlds Wont Load

    I just updated tmodloader up to 0.11.5 from 0.11.4, and my worlds will no longer load, and also added some new mods and removed one. My worlds won't load anymore, when I click on them, it will say back up failed, and crash giving the error of being out of memory or something, or go back to the...
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