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  1. StipulateVenus

    **REPORTED** Steam Workshop Time Displacement

    I've tested this a couple of times with "The Hero's Quest" and "The Pylons Journey". Both had the same problem, so I don't think this is case-specific. Every time I import a world from Steam Workshop, the world loads in a different time of the day, skipping several hours in-game. It is following...
  2. StipulateVenus

    Adventure "The Hero's Quest" - A Terrarian Adventure

    Greetings, Terrarians! For quite a few months I've been building an adventure map for the community. Today, I present you "The Hero's Quest", a single-player survival adventure. Inspired by Zuazzer's map "Crim Fate" (check it out, it's honestly amazing), this map follows the feats of...
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