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  1. damonte

    Multiplayer? Is it still a thing?

    Tell me what you think, so far. I haven't found any trace of multiplayer just yet.
  2. damonte

    PC Wolf Armor

    Currently, in the game wolves are really frikin' boring. They only drop banners! So I just thought of an idea; Wolf Armor! Info *All wolves have a 75% chance to drop a Wolf Pelt.(1-3) *Early hardmode summoner armor. *blah blah blah * * Pictures *NOTE : GREEN PARTS ARE NOT PART OF THE ARMOR...
  3. damonte

    WIP Corruption/Crimson Blocker Blocks

    Right now you're probably like "Pshhhhh, you can already block corruption and crimson!" But read on if you... if you want to read on, I suppose. There IS a way to block the crimson/corruption, but they are glitches in the game and make your world look rather messy. Crafting Metorite Bar...
  4. damonte

    Stone Farming?

    Currently, I'm in a need of stone slabs so I was just wondering if there was a way to farm stone?
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