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  1. Crazzi Turtle

    PC The Mini Melter, prehardmode flamethrower

    If you think about it, The actual flamethrower from hardmode doesn't require many items to craft, so this would make the flamethrower something you have to grind for basically.
  2. Crazzi Turtle

    PC The Mini Melter, prehardmode flamethrower

    The base damage of the Hardmode Flamethrower, is 28, then compare that to the fire rate and range, 12 is suitable, an extra 3 damage makes a big difference
  3. Crazzi Turtle

    PC The Mini Melter, prehardmode flamethrower

    Have you ever wanted a prehardmode flamethrower? Have you ever wanted a Pyro class for your TF2 map that isn't Too op? I am here to answer your call. Introduction The Mini Melter will be a pre hardmode weapon that will be crafted using the following : 1 Illegal gun Parts 10 Iron / Lead bars 20...
  4. Crazzi Turtle

    3DS I would like 3ds terraria to have the dye seller and hair stylist.

    The 3DS is being discontinued in terms of updates, this includes the Wii U edition, therefore, this most likely won't be implemented, just to let you know.
  5. Crazzi Turtle

    Sprites Idea: Celestial Ankh Shield

    Rip Moonlord
  6. Crazzi Turtle

    Save the Sentries!

    You really don't know anything, it IS a bloody professional job, you gain a lot of money from developing a game. Wow, i never knew, you have a terribly poor understanding of what a dev job is, you can't just think in your head about it and then instantly assume that's how it works. Think before...
  7. Crazzi Turtle

    Starting class choice.

    That's the whole point of a class playthrough, you don't just simply change mid through, perhaps you should actually consider the fact that this isn't for someone who has JUST got the game and is doing their first playthrough, after the forst time, people realoze that they can so a class...
  8. Crazzi Turtle

    Save the Sentries!

    Its not like this is a proffesional job or anything.
  9. Crazzi Turtle

    Starting class choice.

    I'm not sure about the permanent damage boost, it would kinda ruin the gameplay as it's basically getting all the weapons and how well they are sorted in terms of their damage, what i'm saying is things are balanced the way they are. I like the idea of choosing a class to stick too, and then...
  10. Crazzi Turtle

    Save the Sentries!

    You do realize that devs do this for a reason, it isn't some 2 year old smashing keys on a computer.
  11. Crazzi Turtle

    Crafting a Martian Saucer summon

    And this is why we have mini bosses designed specifically for events
  12. Crazzi Turtle

    Choose Starting Class

    The other fun thing about starting a class playthrough is also trying to look for your first weapon. Just straight up giving people items is just boring. I understand how slime staff is hard to gain, which is why people just farm for one on another world and then give it to a new character...
  13. Crazzi Turtle

    PC Luminite (and possibly other) Brick Expansion

    About time end-game players had some lit furniture.
  14. Crazzi Turtle

    Sprites [Melee][Sword]The Master Sword

    I like this idea! The devs like The Legend of Zelda, they have cosmetics, why not add a themed sword? It'll go well with maps too.
  15. Crazzi Turtle

    New turret ideas

    I saw the catapult timer, how are you gonna get the catapult exactly right on the wiring? A player mounted turret is basically a summoner item, not a turret, turrets stay ON ground. Turrets already lock onto enemies... This is just kinda over complicating it, turrets are meant to stay in a...
  16. Crazzi Turtle

    PC Death Mode!!!! (harder than Expert)

    What im trying to say is that death mode is too much. Expert came out in 1.3 and gave more than enough of a challenge. Bosses in expert could do insane damage and possible 3 shot or 2 shot you, if you were to triple stats or whatever, youd probably die in one hit. Thats not hard, thats too hard...
  17. Crazzi Turtle

    PC [{Royal Gel}} [{Improvements}]

    Plus, hardmode slimes... Especially rainbow slimes and illuminated slimes
  18. Crazzi Turtle

    Sprites The Corrupted Palace

    3 Questions, would the Crimson counterpart have perhaps a few extra enemies because the crimson is supposed to be a harder? Will there be different enemy concepts to the ones above? Will there be different item drops from the bosses / enemies or different mechanics. Say cursed flame immunity to...
  19. Crazzi Turtle

    akrobeau's Terraria Comic

    Oh lol, i didn't see you edited it...
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