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  1. Pangaearocks

    PC Fishing bug after handing in quest fish

    (I use Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon) This is very strange, but fishing in the jungle lake suddenly stopped working. I went there for a quest fish, swallowed a Fishing potion, and caught it after first getting 7 other fish. Travelled back home with the mirror item, and handed in the quest fish. Went...
  2. Pangaearocks

    Base building designs and ideas

    I recently started a new save, on Expert this time. It's a struggle all right and I'm not really getting anywhere, so I figured it would be more fruitful to make a base of sorts instead. However, I lack in creativity, and don't have all that many resources either. A few hundred stones, and...
  3. Pangaearocks

    PC Possible bug with Crimson keys

    PS: I'm on Linux Mint 19.3, which I assume should be "Linux Other" First of all, is the Dungeon counted as a Crimson biome, or its own entity? I had two(!) Crimson keys when going into the place after Plantera, so when it was possible to open biome chests. There is so much happening that I...
  4. Pangaearocks

    Tasks before Hardmode

    I've been faffing around a lot, not knowing what to do in the game. Recently crafted a bunch of Brain of Cthulhu summoning items -- think it was 18. That netted a good bit of money and resources. Over 3200 crimson ore, 800 tissue samples and 1 platinum. Not sure what to do with it though...
  5. Pangaearocks

    PC Overwhelmed beginner seeking advice

    Bought the game some days ago, and have been playing since. Only a few hours in a small world, then the current save in a medium classical softcore world. Trying to be brief about progress: Killed Eye of Cthulhu, died once then killed Slime King, died once then killed Brain of Cthulhu (built a...
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