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  1. BloodyFingers23

    Wavebank Golden Sun (Books 1 and 2) Wave Bank

    I decided to make this wave bank after finding that the link to the other Golden Sun wave bank was broken (or dead, not sure which). This IS NOT a copy of mentioned wave bank; the track list is DIFFERENT. Apologies if any song titles are incorrect; they are named after the source title or their...
  2. BloodyFingers23

    Adventure Starting work on an underwater map - Requesting assistance

    Closed due to lack of response. Seems like everyone who wanted to help really just wanted to play and not actually work on the map.
  3. BloodyFingers23

    Why is it that the devs allow the Steam discussions for Terraria to run rampant?

    It's total chaos over there and nobody from Steam will do anything about it. Do they just not care?
  4. BloodyFingers23

    PC Any legitimate players want to play?

    EDIT: thread is closed now, for various reasons.
  5. BloodyFingers23

    ~Fingers23's Build Thread

    I finally got around to making a build thread! With my work and new job I'm pretty busy but I'll post things as I can. :merchanthappy: I am taking requests, however keep in mind since I got a new job recently it might not get built overnight. I'll try to do them in order of request.
  6. BloodyFingers23

    Trap Ideas Please!

    So me and a couple of friends play on a private expert world, and I have been known to blow up friends with explosive traps. It's all in good fun, no items or money are lost between us, and when it happens it's hilarious :merchantgrin:Well anyways, last night one friend decided he'd try and get...
  7. BloodyFingers23

    PC Build from my private multiplayer world.

    I joined the forums mainly to post my builds, but unfortunately I haven't been doing much of any building... I figure it's time I at least post something so here you go: This is the build I did for our spawn with my completed character and it remains unfinished since I'd like to keep this world...
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