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  1. Boopz

    tModLoader Reduced Grinding

    Lol I Never Use This Guy But I Always Have Him Enabled
  2. Boopz

    (W.I.P) All Armor World (1.0 - Journey Mode Only / Dev Sets Only)

    I Tried To Post This Before, But The File Was Too Big, So I Uploaded It To Box.com. Have Fun With It! (P.S: As The Title And Post Category Suggest, This Is A W.I.P Project. I Will Keep Posting As I Make More Progress. Stay Patient, Stay At Home, And Stay Safe Y'all!)...
  3. Boopz

    Resolved Uhm

    Ok Thx For The Idea
  4. Boopz

    Resolved Uhm

    I'm Trying To Post An All Armors World, Not Even Half Done, Mind You, Just The Dev Sets, And It's Too Big Lol. I Know The Server Can't Process It, But I Can't Post It To People On Reddit OR Discord, Sooo Um Lmao
  5. Boopz

    Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

    I'm Still Coming Up With Ideas, And Will For Years To Come! I Didn't Enter The Contest, But If Another One IS Held In The Future, You Bet I Will Join! Thank You All At Relogic For The Amazing Game. I Will Be Playing 'Till My Funeral Bell Comes A Ringing.
  6. Boopz

    Just Found A Potential Glitch To Do With The Hoplite Statue (1.4)

    Thanks For The Potential Explanations, Lol
  7. Boopz

    Just Found A Potential Glitch To Do With The Hoplite Statue (1.4)

    So When I Spawned Hoplites From Statues In Journey Mode To Farm The Set (Vanity Purposes), I Got All 3 Pieces (1.67% Drop Chance Per Piece) Before Getting A Single 'Pizza' Item (2% Drop Chance)... Is This A Glitch, Intentional Design, Bad Luck Or What? Lol
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