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  1. PixelPete

    Member-Run Contest Spriteathalon

    Helllooooooooo I'm your host PixelPete and I introduce to you the Spriteathalonnnnnnn A spriting competition where the fun just does not stop! Spriteathalon #1 launches today but we have one problem, we need two more eligible spriters to join the competition so we can get this show on the road...
  2. PixelPete


    So I had a thought, why are the first houses I make so simple and bad? SO I made this as my first house... Quite snazzy if I say so myself. But while My land isn't dotted with small box houses, this was HELL to build. zombies here, caving there, always running out of materials, I got killed by...
  3. PixelPete

    Meteorite appears in background

    This is a simple suggestion, When a meteorite is due to land at midnight , at the same time the pop up text shows up , in the background a meteorite will fall across the screen. The direction of the meteorite will show what side of the map it is on, furthermore a shaking animation similar to...
  4. PixelPete

    Sprites Lunar event monster drops

    So once I beat the moon lord I was kind of like, uhh what now? These drops are designed to add another thing to look forward to having and an opportunity to farm and kill stuff Each Weapon has a 0.25% drop chance from any monster of their respective celestial pillar. Now some may say to me...
  5. PixelPete

    PC Beach house

    Ahhh the beach house, one of the most relaxing houses I'm aware it's quite empty , I haven't done any fishing quests for the decorations. But lemme know your opinions on the general shape and idea of the house! note: The room at the bottom is an airlock, the switch on the right will actuate...
  6. PixelPete

    PC The Monolith (A pirate ship)

    This is the pirate's home.The terror of the skies, The destroyer of dutchmen,The bane of wyverns. The Monolith.....
  7. PixelPete

    PC Moon lord guide

    This photo was taken right after I beat the moon lord for the first time And it was dead easy too So what you need to do is build a house like this with any material you like and move the nurse into it. add the usual stuff, campfires, honey, heart lantern etc. Finally summon the moon...
  8. PixelPete

    Sprites The Mopey Dragon Shield

    Shields amiright? Can't get enough of them Thus I introduce........ THE MOPEY DRAGON SHIELD - Plus 6 defense -Press Q to launch a fireball from the dragon's mouth, deals 45 damage, High knockback and inflicts the "On Fire!" debuff -Minus 10% movement speed tooltip: "Rawr" With prefixes, the...
  9. PixelPete

    PC Garden Of Serenity

    PixelPete reporting in with a new build. The Garden of Serenity, special features include... -butterfly and goldfish statues -Firefly statues that only activate at night -Small and compact yet cosy and peaceful garden My style isn't to complex, I think that you can find beauty in the simple...
  10. PixelPete

    PC Pixel Pete's Amazing World

    Yo, I'm PixelPete and I have been here a while but have never introduced myself, so I'm gonna show you my world! It's called 'Herbs and Spices' and my player name is Paprika Thanks for looking through this thread, I hope you like my homes ( comment your favourite!). And if you have...
  11. PixelPete

    PC Cometite set

    The cometite set is a hardmode meteorite variant and this is a collaboration with @Yorky433 so make sure to check him out Helmet 10 defence, increases max number of minions by 1.5 and increases minion damage by 13% Plate 12 defence, increases max number of minions by 2 and increases minion...
  12. PixelPete

    PC Creepy red balloon

    I really want to see IT (the movie) and I had a thought of a cool IT inspired Terraria item so here you are, the creepy red balloon. It's a lot like the shiny red balloon except the colour is a lot darker (creepier in my opinion) and the string is solid black It is a 5% chance drop from a clown...
  13. PixelPete

    PC Desert Biome chest - Heket's Plague

    The desert has become a pretty major biome and all it needs is a chest and I know lots of people suggest it but each Idea is unique so here is mine Heket's Plague 54 damage Average knockback 4% criteria chance Inflicts venom summons frogs to rain on your enemies Tooltip: pure ancient fury...
  14. PixelPete

    Sprites Tome of Evergrowth

    The tome of evergrowth is made from a spell tome, 3996 vines and 5 ectoplasm at a bookcase. 60 damage Weak knockback 7 mana cost 4% criteria chance Velocity 10 Tooltip: the jungle fights back When used, vines similar to the nettleburst, 'burst' out of the ground every .5 of a second and...
  15. PixelPete

    Sprites Air strike

    The air strike is a hardmode ranged weapon that has a 1% chance of being dropped by goblins during the goblin army event during hardmode It summons a little plane piloted by a goblin 15 blocks above the player that travels left or right (depending on the direction activated) dropping small...
  16. PixelPete

    Sprites Dryads's Wrath

    The Dryad's Wrath is a purity themed sword that can be bought from the dryad for 40 gold during a solar eclipse It has an alternate attack triggered with a right click that shoots a small circle of leaves (similar to the Dryad's blessing animation) to your mouse that lingers in one spot...
  17. PixelPete

    Sprites PixelPete's Random but interesting collection

    This thread isn't centred on one thing just a place for many ideas, feel free to suggest because i'm bored and will happily listen to your great ideas. I will constantly be updating the list so stay tuned!
  18. PixelPete


    how do i link my posts to my signature?
  19. PixelPete

    Sprites Aviator

    The Aviator is a town npc that will spawn once you have a house above the tree layer and below floating island altitude, however plantera must be beaten. his appearance is a griffin wearing an aviators hat and goggles. To defend against enemies he whips them with his tail possible names Squall...
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