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  1. PandoPon

    PC Akari UI pack

    Ever felt like, the Terraria UI gotten a little bit Stale? Wished for a little revamp? These Texture Packs are for you! (IT'S KINDA CUSTOMIZABLE, I GUESS) Boss Health Bars: Simply, changes the appearance of boss bar: Corruped Crimsoned Hallowed Inventory Icons + Type Box + Character...
  2. PandoPon

    PC Bonk'd bunnies

    -Some wise Terrarian Another simple Texture Pack, dedicated to my friend. It simply retextures Bunnies to look like they've been BONK!'d. (Ain't this dumb? I love it.) Upcoming Features: -Add animations for Terrariums -Retexture Gem bun's -Retexture Pet Bunny from Collectors Edition.
  3. PandoPon

    PC A simple, Wizard('s) Hat fix

    Hello lovely Terrarians! PACK IS NOW OBSOLETE! ISSUES BEEN FIX'D! NO NEED TO USE IT ANYMOAR... UNLESS IT WILL COME BACK IN THE FUTURE. I love wizard hats, what can i say? But i quickly noticed that both Wizard Hat and Wizard's Hat have the same issue. By that issue i mean a ugly rectangle...
  4. PandoPon

    PC Empress of Light doesn't drop [Daytime exclusive item] in Singleplayer

    Yesterday me and my friends used Godmode to get secret Summoning Weapon from new boss. Today i decided to do it Legit. So, i've defeated Empress of Light during daytime (summoned her approx. after 7:00AM) on Journey Master Mode World. It turned out she didn't dropped her Exclusive Summoner...
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