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  1. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Lunar Pillar mob statues?

    I feel like these statues would be useful for Map makers since the only other way of spawning them is via the Lunar event which...is hard to manipulate the positions of. The statues should be crafted from their respective faction's fragments (or the blocks make form them) and when wired and...
  2. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Summoner Emblem Upgrade an the Ultimate Summoner Assessory

    Pygmy Emblem (Sprite by @serenesplash ) Avenger Emblem + Pygmy Necklace Effect includes 15% increase to Summoner damage and an extra Minion Caller's Scroll Pygmy Emblem + Papyrus Scarab The idea for the first came came from the existing specialized items made from the Avenger Emblem (Which...
  3. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    The Shiny Charm

    Shiny Stone + Charm of Myths This assessory is a simple combination, requiring the above materials. Benefits include HP regen increase, a stronger effect of the above while standing still and lower Potion Cooldown. What o you think? Sprite by @serenesplash
  4. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    PC Project Durandal

    Hello, I decided to create an Expert Mode base. Right now I'm doing this by hand with mats from the Builder's Workshop, but later I wull ue TEdit for the finishing touches. Here's the progress I made today The base, though incomplete is inspired by two things. the Embedded Tower of Pokemon...
  5. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    The Hesperides Biome

    Okay, what I'm suggesting is a minibiome like the Ocean. A garden marked by a Special orange tree to the west, and a surface equivalent of the Mushroom Biome and Hives. Do note that this includes several alts of things but the Mushroom Biome is not one of them. This biome is a garden where the...
  6. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Question: What happens to moderated threads?

    Okay, right now my recent Biome Suguesstion is being moderated. I had a feeling that getting too greedy with sprite space was a huge factor. I was wondering if this means that I am barred from editing the OP ever again?
  7. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    I have several questions

    First off after defeating the Wall of Flesh the Hallow and Crimson get unleashed in a V shape, it is always on the same side or is it random Secondly regarding the Jungle, is it worth it to pre-emptibly hallow an area between it and the center of the map to prevent the other biome form effecting...
  8. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Is there anyway to stop the Wyvern from Spawning in player-made buildings.

    Because I'm having a toss-up between undersea base and space base and the one thing the sea has over space is that the Wyvern's do not spawn there. Would a huge structure be enought to repel the Wyvern, or would such a base result is seeing the mob spawn inside it?
  9. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    signature issues

    I'm not sure if there is a limit on how much the sg can display, but it seems that the entirely of my signature (2 images, a link and a spoiler list) are not showing (it only shows the first images and a quarter of the 2nd)
  10. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Is there a way to convet images into pixel art for terraria/tedit

    I'm wondering because I want to see if I can get my signature (not the vocaloid one) into the game
  11. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Paint refernce of 1.3 blocks (ongoing)

    Okay so I posted this on TO, but I was unaware that it was dead, so I'm posting this here. Because the Builder's workshop thread seemed dead (again TO), and because the paint reference map here needs tedit to update to use the 1.3 blocks to use. I decided to paint some of the blocks myself in...
  12. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Space Dungeon

    Becuase It's a me! is here, because Space still needs an expansion and becuase I like some new sky biomes. (Sprites by It's a me, though I'd appreciate a respirting for the Angel and the new name for the Stardust in light of recent events. the actual final TO crosspost)
  13. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Morningstar's Suguesstions

    Okay so there are the suguesstions I made/ported from my threads at TO Biomes: Aurora (TO Transplant) Space Dungeon (TO Transplant) Hesperides Biome Blocks/Decor: Art Deco themed furniture (TO Transplant) Trophies for celestial pillars (TO Transplant) Blocks based on 1.3 dyes (TO Transplant)...
  14. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    The Aurora Biome

    Last TO crosspost (for this board at least) (Sprites are by Sirconex
  15. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Art Deco futniture

    TO crosspost, furniture set
  16. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    New Painting Items

    TO crosspost
  17. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Pillar trophies

    Yes this is another idea I had posted to TO, No I'm not gonna quote the corresponding post, because I feel that the idea is too simple for that. Basically, the suggestion is to add trophies for the Nebula, Stardust, Vortex and Solar pillars
  18. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Shield idea: Aegis

    Another TO crosspost of a thread that was made after this forum was made
  19. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    An idea for blocks/paint

    Yet another TO crosspost, but since this was made after the creation of this forum, I think I have a better chance of getting feedback here
  20. MorningSTAR-αΩ

    Letter/symbol stickers

    TO Crosspost. Something that MIGHT be impractical...
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