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  1. Zekrom

    PC My Friends Laptop On Terraria Is Glitchy

    My friend told me on his A.S.U.S.R.O.G laptop in game terraria, when he tabs out it glitches and his toolbar is Glitchy to, and the left bottom corner gets a little black then it covers the whole game and he cannot play, is this like a outdated laptop or is this a issues with the game? If...
  2. Zekrom

    Xbox 360 Frost Moon + Mech bosses! Event

    Hey Guys I'm Hosting a Massive Party To Celebrate Christmas! This Event Will Start Today and end on Sunday If You Would Like To Join Comment Ur Gamer tag And Ill Be Sure To Add You! Don't miss out I'm Giving Items Away To ^.^
  3. Zekrom

    Mobile Help Please! fix this major bug

    ive been dealing with major issues of my game crashing time to time and the system glitched really hard it changed my character to another one nd I tried to delete that 1 I had and it deleted the one I did not want to delete and I lost all of my saved files! its so annoying that the crashed...
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