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  1. TMC

    tModLoader Yee's Weapons and Stuff

    I just recently began playing Terraria again after quite a bit of time. While playing, I've gotten ideas as to what items would be a nice addition to the game. This has given me the motivation to get back into modding, hence this mod. This mod mostly acts as a way for me to add things that I...
  2. TMC

    tModLoader The Omega Mod

    The Omega Mod! This is the progress text. Green means progress is good, yellow means progress is slowed, but still being worked on, and red means that the mod progression has been stopped (Not permanently.) IMPORTANT! For anyone wanting to join the team, job availability: Animators(Needed)...
  3. TMC

    Pixel Art TMC's Tedious Sprites

    Hello and welcome to my spriting thread. I will be posting the sprites that I believe are "good" enough to be on here. Some of the sprites posted here will be spoilers for mods, so be sure to look out for those. If you chose to request, make your request either detailed, or have a reference...
  4. TMC

    tModLoader Duck or more animals?

    So if there was a mod that added an invasion, would you prefer a duck based invasion or an invasion with more animals?
  5. TMC

    tModLoader Nimbus Rod help

    How would one go about making a weapon that works like a nimbus rod, I think I know the basics of It, but I cant get it to work.
  6. TMC

    tModLoader What would the code be for an ingot?

    I'm making an ingot for a mod and, well... the title of the post says it all. What would the code be for it, so you know, i could place it like normal ingots?
  7. TMC

    tModLoader Why don't my mod items show up.

    I'm a noob when it comes to making mods so its probably just me being dumb. I was making an item just as a test so I can practice with tmodloader. The mod with the description and everything showed up but the items didn't. I kept retrying to the point where i just copied and pasted the code from...
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