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  1. Sky High

    PC Brightness bug? Maybe?

    I was playing on a multiplayer server (Dark Gaming) when this happened: It happened periodically, blinking in and out at a slow speed. I do not have any idea what could have caused it and I know nothing else about it. If I get more details, I will post here.
  2. Sky High

    **REPORTED** NPCs whose houses become corrupted begin overriding reservations

    I live in a world where my desert town is constantly besieged by Corruption. When NPCs living in it are displaced, they move in to homes with reservations and reserve themselves there (gold border), overriding the previous reservation. I wouldn't mind them moving in if they didn't override the...
  3. Sky High

    PC NPCs don't like reservations

    When NPCs respawn, sometimes they don't respawn in their reserved houses, instead spawning in other NPCs' reserved houses and setting their own reservations there. I don't know what causes this other than, potentially, delay respawning because of nighttime.
  4. Sky High

    **REPORTED** Dreadnautilus flees too early in some phases

    For all I know this could be working as intended but I find that doubtful. During Dreadnautilus's spinning phase, if the character he's focusing on dies, he attempts to flee even if there are other players. He stops fleeing if his jet runs out, but if it doesn't he flees when I don't think he's...
  5. Sky High

    Working as Designed Mimics drop about 5x the intended Gold

    Mimics drop between 45 and 55 Gold coins. I'm fairly certain this is a bug and they're only meant to drop about ten, but I could be wrong. (This bug may have been fixed in, I haven't encountered a mimic there yet.)
  6. Sky High

    **REPORTED** Multiplayer breaks the wall of flesh HARD

    When playing in Multiplayer and fighting the Wall of Flesh, if everyone dies and the Wall is no longer close enough to a player or dead player, some weird stuff happens. -The mouth and wall parts stop moving. -Everything else keeps moving. -The eyes disappear, but still shoot lasers. When...
  7. Sky High

    PC Bomb Fish that go directly from the hook to the Void Bag reduce to 1

    When fishing up Bomb Fish with a full inventory, as long as the Bomb Fish goes straight from the hook to your void bag, it only ever fishes up one when normally it would fish up a lot more. If it matters, I was fishing in an Ocean Town, but I don't think that's related.
  8. Sky High

    Welcome to the WORLD: An RPG about floating islands

    Please and thank you. This is a game about commanding an army to free a group of floating islands. Soldiers: (Pick from your two selected resources a number of soldiers with BP up to 200 (excluding potential bonuses)) (Example: Orc x5) [/spoiler] If AP = DP, each army loses half of its...
  9. Sky High

    tModLoader The Anomaly Mod

    Chaos has come across the world. A bug in the system has set many enemies alight with fury. If you can defeat them and harness the power of the Anomaly, perhaps you can defeat what comes after. Presenting: The Anomaly Mod! We don't have much right now, but our hope is that we grow into a great...
  10. Sky High

    tModLoader Mod Team looking for helpers!

    Hello there! My name is Sky High, and I am the founder of the Super Secret Mod (Meaning the name is classified). We are looking for helpers! Anyone is welcome! Spriters: @Koopahunter197 (Original dev) @Nitromancer (Original dev) @StaticShark13 @Idow373 Coders: @Koopahunter197 (Original...
  11. Sky High

    PC How to cheese the Moon Lord

    This is my personal strategy for cheesing the Moon Lord. What you need: 1. A weapon that goes through walls 2. A fully enclosed house with the Nurse (Need a dryad? Put her in below!) 3. A Stardust Dragon-like summon 4. Autopause on How to do it: Step 1: Get in the house and summon the Moon...
  12. Sky High

    tModLoader Looking for mod helpers!

    Hello! My name is Sky High. I am a part of a mod team. We're not quite ready to release the mod's name, but we think it will be a mod everyone will enjoy. Recently, due to school, the developers have had trouble making progress. We are looking for more helpers! How to apply: Start a...
  13. Sky High

    Earth And Stars RPG

    I made this on another forum. I like it, so I'm bringing it here. Welcome to Earth and Stars. This is a game unlike any other. It has a proceeding timeline. Sign up Sheet: NAME: CLASS: STARTING WEAPON (If not baby): Starting weapons: Sword (Fastest, least damage) Pistol (Mediocre speed and...
  14. Sky High

    Would anyone be interested in me making ideas for their mod?

    Now, I really want to make a mod called The Anomaly, but there are a couple of problems with that, namely... 1. I don't know how. 2. I can't sprite. 3. I probably wouldn't be able to code it anyways. 4. I'm just not the kind of person to do that. So, I was wondering if someone would be...
  15. Sky High

    PC WTS Fart In A Jar

    This is arguably one of the best bottled gases. It's probably even better than Sandstorm if you hold down space! it's also a key component of Bundle of Balloons, and makes a hilarious sound! It's made with the Whoopee Cushion, a 2% or 4% chance drop from giant worms, meaning it's a bit rarer...
  16. Sky High

    YOU are bob!

    A game... from a forum... that I put on another forum... and is now here. 1. The story is about a boy named Bob. He is the main character, and nobody else is. If another character pops up, they are not, and will never be a main character in our story. 2. When continuing the story, you have to...
  17. Sky High

    Quote Editing Game!

    It's simple. you edit people's posts! Example: Guy 1: I like dancing. Guy 2: NOO YOU KILLED US ALL Guy 3 Isn't that a good thing? I'll start. SUDDENLY PINEAPPLES
  18. Sky High

    PC The Fisher's Shack

    Welcome to the Fisher's Shack! Here's what we have in stock: CRATES No Crates at this time. NORMAL FISH Bomb Fish Crimson Tigerfish Hemopiranha Bass Specular Fish Atlantic Cod Stinkfish Frost Minnow Armored Cavefish Shrimp Neon Tetra QUEST FISH Bloody Manowar Slimefish Jewelfish Fallen...
  19. Sky High

    PC Cobalt/Palladium Bars?

    I can't defeat the Wall to save my life. So, I just need some cobalt bars, or just... cobalt stuff. I'd prefer Palladium though. So, here's what I want. (anything goes) Magic Palladium/Cobalt set Palladium/Cobalt bars I don't have the Steam version and I have an odd router, so you'll have to...
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