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  1. Terrasyn

    Side projects you prioritize in new characters/worlds

    In every new character I begin, I've noticed that one thing in particular is consistent with them - fishing. Somehow it's remarkably fun and I've noticed that obtaining a good fishing rod often takes precedence over everything else (barring a pickaxe) in every new playthrough. I'm curious if...
  2. Terrasyn

    Long black screen before main menu

    It's been some time since I've posted anything, and perhaps I should have addressed the issue right away. However, after a certain update (I want to say, or, whenever I open Terraria, I'll see the Terraria logo, then a very long black screen before I eventually see the main...
  3. Terrasyn

    Martian Madness - tips for getting it started?

    I'm not so sure if there's a method or a better way to get this thing to initiate. I haven't had luck finding probes for almost two weeks now, and I'm beginning to think that there's a better way for this event to start. But it just isn't happening. Is there a better, faster way to have these...
  4. Terrasyn

    For those experience lag/delays/sync issues

    Another member of the forum brought to my attention the possibility that Steam's multiplayer integration may be the culprit for lag spikes/delays/sync issues in multiplayer. While this is still unconfirmed (positive reports by three people, including myself), I want to recommend that if you're...
  5. Terrasyn

    Wisp, or Suspicious Looking Tentacle?

    I've been debating which of the two to use. Ever since dropping the Suspicious Looking Tentacle, I've wanted to have it as my replacement for the wisp, since it gives off much more light in a given distance. However, due to the inability to control the eye (which is where the wisp has been very...
  6. Terrasyn

    Inquery: Picksaw vs the new pickaxes?

    So we all know that the Picksaw has a very fast use time of 15, where the new pickaxes have a use time of 11. However, there's also the hidden stat known as mining speed, which determines your actual mining speed. And this is something I can't figure out...
  7. Terrasyn

    Major delays/lag spikes since

    I suppose I'm not the only one with this issue, but I am also having huge delays and lag spikes since the update. Getting the word out there in the hopes that it may be seen by the devs. OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i7 2630QM, 2.0 GHz Memory: 8 GB Hard Disk Space: 1 TB Video...
  8. Terrasyn

    Seedler Fishing

    I've just hit hard mode on my newest character, and I'm making an attempt to fishing up the Seedler from the Jungle biome. The wiki doesn't seem to list any specific requirement other than it being fished up in the jungle. But after what seemed like 100 attempts or so (with the mechanic's rod...
  9. Terrasyn

    My highlights for weapons and armor (spoilers)

    I've had sufficient time to play around with the end game weapons and armor of 1.3, and I'd like to break some things down when it comes to the usefulness of what we may potentially possess in the end game content. My goal is to highlight some of the things that really stand out to me any why...
  10. Terrasyn

    What's your primary world - Normal or Expert?

    I spent quite a bit of time rebuilding my home for a 1.3 base of operations (reduced my 1.2 home to nothing), due to my desire in having a permanent, extra challenge. Having said that, I'm curious what everyone has as their primary world, and why that might be. I've noticed a few alterations...
  11. Terrasyn

    Portal Gun possibilities

    I began to wonder what potential the Portal Gun could achieve, and after some discussion with a friend, came up with interesting ideas that I never actually fully realized until now. -Make a portal in front of you and behind you, with a lava pit in between. Throw the guide doll into lava, wait...
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