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    Drills vs. Pickaxes: What's the Difference?

    Fully support this idea but I do have to say the drill sound is annoying as hell, needs to be reworked or be able to be shutoff w/o muting the game. Can only imagine picksaw tier drill though, would be like swimming through the ground.
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    HOIK! [Guide] - Rapid Player/NPC/Etc Transport Using Only Sloped Tiles.

    He wasn't talking about hoiks, he was just saying hoiks "might" make asphalt/minecarts obsolete. Witch I doubt they will simply for the fact that they can slope, you can stop midway(some hoiks can) and they are just simpler.
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    WIP End Game Rapiers

    Lol, that would be kind of funny. Just hope mobs can't pick it up. D: And thats why they should have semi-rediculous damage. Like a crit should oneshot a Eyezor(1000 hp) in the Eclipse. Really small range except for the "thrust" would somewhat balance it. Edit: Maybe the Rapiers i'm thinking...
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    WIP End Game Rapiers

    I know most people hate the "short swords" or thrusting type weapons but I would like to see some late game ones. An idea for one would be really high damage and crit because of its limited range and something like this comic 1,2,3 (One Punch Man btw). Really fast and powerful attack but can...
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    Member-Run Project Our own Metascore!

    Is there really any point to this? Just play it if its fun and if not, find something else to suit your fancy. But with that being said it is a great 2d sandbox. I just wish the modding community was as big as minecraft's. Can't say much for console or mobile but pc is good.
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