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  1. Byrocynical

    PC A tweak to pumpkin armor, the solution to a lack of pre-hardmode summoner gear

    I believe these tweaks would fill the gap that many players yearn to be filled, as summoners currently only have 1 armor set, the lowest of any armor sets pre-hardmode. "pumpkins are only available during Halloween!" nope, the dryad sells them, so this set would be post-eye of Cthulhu...
  2. Byrocynical

    Justice for the Skeleton Merchant! (Skeleton merchant vanity)

    This'll be a short n' sweet thread, but i think its important nonetheless, i think the skeleton merchant should have his own vanity set much like every other NPC, he's a skeleton, that's perfect for Halloween, right? he could probably sell his own set much like most the other NPCs do, possibly...
  3. Byrocynical

    PC The Large Javelin (Flying accessory)

    Hey, i was thinking of a new item that could be unique, something that's not in the game already and something that people could benefit from greatly. My suggestion is : The Large Javelin! i was looking at the Mini Minotaur pet and i thought "hmm, wouldn't it be cool if the player could do...
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