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  1. darthmorf

    Sprites Goblin Staff: A Clash of Clans reference!

    Reviving the thread isn't against the rules, the content was. In the future, if you see someone breaking the rules, please report it and move on without responding. Adding responses like these only draw attention to the issue.
  2. darthmorf

    Sprites Goblin Staff: A Clash of Clans reference!

    Please do not advertise your own personal things, especially on completely unrelated threads. If you want to post stuff like that, you can make a post on your profile here: SkilledNoob456_YT
  3. darthmorf

    Texture Pack Nyenoidz's High Contrast Texture Pack

    Would be awesome to see some of the screenshots from steam in this thread too!
  4. darthmorf

    Resolved The forums were down and I couldn’t get in for multiple weeks.

    This sounds like an issue on your end I'm afraid, the forum has been fine.
  5. darthmorf

    Can I upload my Terraria gameplay videos on YouTube without getting copyright?

    Just to confirm and agree with @Layn, you're totally OK to make Terraria YouTube videos. You should also be alright to use the music and mods too.
  6. darthmorf

    You would have to upload them as images

    You would have to upload them as images
  7. darthmorf

    I do miss some of the good times had on that forum

    I do miss some of the good times had on that forum
  8. darthmorf

    Terraria with Family Sharing and the TModLoader

    Hi there @sandrois9, I beleive that in order to play tModloader, the account holder needs to own Terraria - access through Steam family share is not enough. If you do buy your son a copy on his account, his saves will be fine and perfectly playable. Do note though that you cannot use 1.4...
  9. darthmorf

    Mobile I want to run the server for Latest version of mobile terraria in ubuntu 20.04 32bit

    You can find downloads located at the bottom of the Terraria website: Terraria
  10. darthmorf

    Can i play older Tmod Version

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean
  11. darthmorf

    Can i play older Tmod Version

    You can find all versions of tModloader here: Releases · tModLoader/tModLoader
  12. darthmorf

    Question of the Day 364: If there was one small, low value item that you could have for free...

    Question of the Day 364: If there was one small, low value item that you could have for free once a week, what would it be? Thanks for having me @Buffling, and happy anniversary to Question of the Day!
  13. darthmorf

    terraria not loading

    Do you have XNA Framework installed? Please also provide your system specs.
  14. darthmorf

    Resolved What should I do if my work is stolen?

    Hi, I'll make sure that this gets passed to the right people, we take plagarism pretty seriously. I'm sorry that this has happened to you, hopefully we can get it resolved soon.
  15. darthmorf

    terraria not loading

    Sorry to hear you're having issues! Can you please provide your system specs, and a full screenshot of the error?
  16. darthmorf

    Console Will console 1.4 Have any mod support?

    Mods are not coming to Console or Mobile any time soon, the reason being that the owners of the platforms (Microsoft, Sony, Google, Apple etc) require all apps/games to be reviewed and tested before they are run on their platform. Some are more strict than others - even updates must be tested...
  17. darthmorf

    Resolved Where would I post 1.4 Console related Questions?

    You can make a thread in console general talk: Console General Talk
  18. darthmorf

    Older Terraria Versions (Question)

    This is PC tech support, so likely PC. However, it doesn't change anything - there aren't any legal ways to get old versions of console or mobile either.
  19. darthmorf

    Older Terraria Versions (Question)

    Currently, there is no supported legal way to obtain older versions of the game. Some people who own the game on GOG may have backed up older version installers for their own personal use, but if you did not do this at the time then you are unable to get these older versions (as far as I know).
  20. darthmorf

    Linux Linux Server download links are broken

    Have you tried using the 'PC Dedicated Server' link located at the bottom of Terraria? That seems to work for me.
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