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  1. YveltalGaming

    A Broken World

    The world is in shambles. Most of civilization has been destroyed by a horde of monsters and corrupt soldiers, and you are one of the survivors. Will you attempt to slay the monsters and save the world? Or will you ally yourself with the horde and stop the heroes? -BASIC RULES- 1. Don't...
  2. YveltalGaming

    Short Story YveltalGaming's OC Backstories - Non-Terraria

    This is where I will store all my characters' info and backstories! To-Do List Make D&D 5E representations of LATRUNCULARIUS and RFF characters. Copy LATRUNCULARIUS characters into this thread. Copy Sburb: The Medium Awaits characters into this thread. Color-coding: Green & Strikethrough...
  3. YveltalGaming

    WIP Balancing the Summoning and (possibly) Throwing classes

    Hey guys! Here is my idea about balancing the classes! So, in Terraria, there are five classes - Melee, Ranged, Magic, Summoning, and Throwing, based of weapon damage, but it's never been very balanced. While Melee, Ranged, and Magic are balanced, Summoning is playable but pretty tough. As for...
  4. YveltalGaming

    YveltalGaming's Lore - Ancient History

    This is my take on the lore of Terraria!
  5. YveltalGaming

    My Story: Wrath of the Moon Lord

    So, I've been seeing lots of people do this sort of thing, and it seemed fun, so I'm gonna do it too! I'm probably not going to post very often, but I'm going to try to write until the defeat of the final boss (if we go to 1.4 before I finish this and there's a new final boss.) So, I'll begin...
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