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  1. YellowPie84

    YellowPie84's Early Game Item Suggestion Compilation!

    Phew, that was a long name. This is exactly what it says: a thread combining all my suggestions for Weapons, Equipment, Blocks, et cetera. Weapons: Equipment: None... Yet! Blocks: None... Yet! Furniture: None... Yet! Other:
  2. YellowPie84

    Player Classes on Creation

    I can't think of a good hook for this yet. That's future me's job. Whenever you create a new character, there will be an extra line under the Hardcore/Mediumcore/Softcore option: Class. there are 5 different options for this bar: Melee: +15% Melee damage, -10% all other damage, start with Wood...
  3. YellowPie84

    If the above user's profile pic was a NPC, what would one of their quotes be?

    Pretty self-explanatory. The above avatar is a Terraria NPC, what's something they would say? I'll start. "ooOOoo! I'm a ghooOOost!"
  4. YellowPie84

    WIP Dumpster Diver

    Remember that time when you accidentally threw something in the trash on accident, and could never get it back? Well, this guy will get rid of that problem for good! You can get this NPC when you trash something for the first time. His stock is fairly unique: It's a few random things, and his...
  5. YellowPie84

    Hi there!

    Who has two thumbs and is ready to make a good first impression? This guy! Gravity Falls references aside, hi! I'm YellowPie84, from the internet. I like video games and Gravity Falls (#GravityFinale:merchantcry:), and am excited to be a maybe useful member of the community! I... um... I'm not...
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