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  1. Quackinton

    tModLoader Calamity tips

    I’m doing my first play through of the Calamity mod. I’m really enjoying it and discovering new things. Sometimes I’m stuck not knowing what to do. I’m in hard mode (normal world, beat WoF) and just beat Cyrogen, any tips or ideas anyone wants to share?
  2. Quackinton

    PC Worried about when Journey's End comes out.

    I have a question. I have modded Terraria, and on my computer, I can't open the vanilla game (no tmodloader) without opening the Steam client first (that's normal, right?). I'm worried that the copy of the game (with no tmodloader) won't get updated and can't use my good character. Any help...
  3. Quackinton

    tModLoader What to go for next in Thorium

    I'm doing a Bard class play through, and I don't know what to go for. I just beat Wall of Flesh so I would like to know what armor/weapon (or really anything else) to go for. Tips are appreciated.
  4. Quackinton

    tModLoader I made my first mod!

    By using the power of tModLoader, I created my first ever mod! It's pretty basic, but I would appreciate it if you download it! It's called TheBlandSword. It adds only one item (because I'm pretty new to programming). Also, if you make a video on it, DM it to me! Thanks for looking at my mod (If...
  5. Quackinton

    PC Dungeon Defenders 2

    So, I’m going to start playing Dungeon Defenders 2, and I’m just wondering if it’s good or not. I hear it’s pretty cool, and I’m excited to try it!
  6. Quackinton

    tModLoader Thorium Hardmode

    I'm playing the Bard class in the Thorium mod, and I just entered hardmode. I don't know what to do next, like what bosses and ores and stuff like that.
  7. Quackinton

    PC Can the armor sets/sentries from the Old One's Army help with Summoner play throughs?

    I love doing the Old One's Army event, and I'm doing a summoner play through. I'm just wondering if any of the stuff you get in the event benefits you a good amount, or at least an alternative.
  8. Quackinton

    Town NPC only pressure plate

    I do wiring a lot, and I love building houses for my town NPCs, but when ever I use any pressure plate, enemies can get in. So, I have the idea for a pressure plate only a town NPC can activate. You, the player can’t activate it, only the NPC can. I think it’s a pretty neat idea, and would be a...
  9. Quackinton

    Switch Infinite Petrified Debuff from Medusa

    I got frozen by a Medusa in the jungle, and now my character is infinitely frozen. I tried quitting and rejoining the world, nothing. I even restarted the game, nothing. Is there anyway to fix this? I don’t want to delete my character because of this.
  10. Quackinton

    Resolved [Mobile] I can’t get the truffle to move in.

    So, I’m trying to get my Truffle to move in. I have valid NPC house in an above ground mushroom biome. I can hear the biome music when I’m in said house. I’m in hardmode and beat all three mech bosses and can fight Plantera. I’m playing on an iPhone 6s Plus.
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