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  1. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    PC Random Npc Deaths

    I dont want to put this as a bug quite yet, because im not sure its a bug or not, muchless know anything that could be causing it. Once i get more info, i'll put in a proper bug report if its needed. Ive got this odd issue where my arms dealer dies from apparently nothing. I'll be far from him...
  2. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Hallo again everyone 8D

    Guess who finally decided to move sites because a lot of the modders i followed moved here, and its mostly dead over on TO anyway, aside from the handful of die hards that stick to like glue.... .... ME! I did 8D Hi dare 8D I am new...ish...ly.... oldish...new... My account smells like that...
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