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    Changes to world generator

    Hello I created a world on corruption back in the days of Now the same seed on after creating the world is different i.e. instead of 2 enchanted sword shrine there is only 1. It disappeared from the place where it was before. It wouldn't be any problem if there was no...
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    Illogical rod behavior

    Hi I discovered an illogicality in the game, I will present the situation. 1.I do not have any bait in my inventory 2.The rod is cast in the water despite the lack of bait 3.I pick up a lure from the ground while approaching it. 4.Suddenly I see that the fish is caught. It should be so that I...
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    8 PM in Polish translate

    Hi Out of curiosity as I don't use Polish in the game due to the wiki, sleeping in my base on the clock at 8 PM etc. I noticed an illogical translation. The game displays 8:00 PM even though it is evening, I understand that this is the translation for 8:00 PM however it is silly and I felt...
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