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  1. YourLocalTerrarian

    **REPORTED** renaming worlds time skip bug

    Whenever you rename a world, it skips the time in the world by about 6 minutes. I noticed this after generating worlds to find a good seed. And once I found a good world, I renamed it. But when i logged in it was about 3:00 pm instead of 8:00 am like it should have been. After I saw that I...
  2. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Does king slime drop biome keys?

    Hey guys, I’m about to start farming for the crimson biome key, I usually manually do a solar eclipse to farm the key (I don’t like afk farms). But I was wondering if you guys know if king slime and his slimes drop the biome key. I’m assuming they do because they drop money as well, but I want...
  3. YourLocalTerrarian

    Menacing damage bees

    Hey guys. I usually run the bees knees in pre hardmode when I play ranger, and I usually run menacing on my accessories. I know menacing increases the damage of the actual arrow the bees knees fires, but does it increase the damage of bees as well? If not I’m definitely switching to warding lol
  4. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Bees damage mechanics

    Hey do y’all know if bees from specifically the bees knees do ranged damage? Or do they do melee damage? And do you know if the sharpening station would affect them? I’ve heard the sharpening station affects the bees from the bee keeper, but I’m not sure if all bees from all weapons do melee...
  5. YourLocalTerrarian


    Whenever I play expert mode, and now master mode, I’ve always ran warding on all accessories to compensate for high damage attacks. I’m hearing that some people use all menacing accessories and don’t use warding, and I’m wondering how well it works, for menacing users out there how hard is it to...
  6. YourLocalTerrarian

    Npc happiness.

    I am suggesting a change to how the prices are affected by happiness, I think they shouldn’t exceed standard price. It feels like I’m being punished for building large cities which I prefer, and I end up having to pay 50% more for items. I wouldn’t mind if other players got price reductions for...
  7. YourLocalTerrarian

    Npc happiness

    Anyone else bothered by aspects of the new happiness system? If you have more than 3 npcs prices skyrocket, and it feels like I’m being punished for building the way I prefer which is large cities. I hate small cities and like building large ones instead. I don’t think players should be punished...
  8. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Cross necklace for a ranger?

    Hey guys, I’ve been playing terraria for a long time ( almost 1400 hours ), and I’ve always used the cross necklace on all my characters, I know it can literally half the damage you take at its peak performance. The problem is that i usually only play ranged, and since I’m not face taking my...
  9. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Pine trees! A new “style” of trees!

    I think it would be really cool if we could have pine trees as another style of tree! I think it could look really cool and beautiful! Right in the forest biome, we have the og trees. And the alt trees. One of the 1.3.6 spoilers showed this as a new background. I saw the trees in...
  10. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC The Cobalt/palladium Workbench!

    Simple suggestion, we have a mythrill/orichallium anvil, and a titanium/adamantite forge, why not have one for cobalt/palladium? I suggest adding a cobalt/palladium workbench, this would allow the crafting of hardmode crafting stations, such as the mythrill/orichallium anvil, and the...
  11. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Background Seed

    Does anyone have any seeds that are Large Expert, and have a really pretty world background, like the lake one, and ones with a bunch of trees. I’m trying to get a large expert world with a nice background that isn’t too low to see, and I like the lake and tree ones. Please send pics and...
  12. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Is there any point in using frost armor as a warrior?

    I’ve sunk a lot of playthroughs into Terraria, and I primarily use melee weapons. I’ve always used titanium/adamantite armor and forgot about frost armor when 1.3 came out. I was thinking about using frost armor now because I like the challenge of getting all of the resources to make it, but the...
  13. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Fixing the Classes

    So right now as of 1.3, we have 4.5 classes. 4 full classes, (Melee, ranged, magic, summoner), and one half class, (throwing), and it’s bugging the hell out of me. (In my opinion) the throwing class is unecessary, and isn’t even a full class. The developers even said it won’t be a full class. I...
  14. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Buff the mechanical gauntlet

    So right now the mechanical gauntlet gives +12% melee speed and melee damage, and +70% melee knock back. It is crafted with an avenger emblem and the power glove. Here's the problem, the celestial emblem in crafted with an avenger emblem and the celestial magnet, but this gives +15% magic...
  15. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Make Yoyo's Their Own Class

    I think yoyo's need to be their own class, they are very strong, and it's very easy to do a yoyo only playthrough. And when people use melee accessories, you can reach ungodly amounts of damage. (I also believe yoyo's are a knockoff overpowered version of flails.) If yoyo's did become their own...
  16. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC New Npc: Police Officer

    Hello, fellow Terrarians. Today I am here with a new suggestion for a npc, the police officer. A couple of days ago I was thinking about the npcs, on how you have every one to make a whole town, you even have a tax collector! I was thinking, well, the town needs protection, right? So the...
  17. YourLocalTerrarian

    More nature noises.

    As you all know, sometimes certain critters will make noises in terraria, like duck quacking, bird chirping or frog croaks. Something I would like to see in terraria, is more nature sounds, like I think even if there aren't any creatures around you will still here certain noises, like during...
  18. YourLocalTerrarian


    A new critter, the cricket! It would look like a black grasshopper, and would have the same ai as the grasshopper, where it jumps around. It would appear often at night, and would make cricket noises, this would be a cool effect at night, and easy to make as a critter.
  19. YourLocalTerrarian


    I think this would be cool to have, the sprinkles would spray a mist like animation, and would make a constant spraying noise, this would be a cool aesthetic decoration too have.
  20. YourLocalTerrarian

    PC Endgame biome weapon upgrades!

    I feel like I had a pretty neat idea, so as you know there are 5 endgame biome weapons. The vampire knives, the scourge of the corrupter, the staff of the frost hydra, the piranha gun, and the rainbow gun. Now it's really fun to grind for the keys and then obtain these powerful weapons, but...
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