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  1. tkc1919

    Drawings & Paintings Doodle of tkc1919!

    Hello and thank you for coming to see us! I love drawing on tablets and I've been drawing many for a long time! (It's definitely better than it used to be) I'll put the latest Terraria art here, because there are a lot of FNF and FFXIV Note: I have a lot of love for my paintings, but I'm not...
  2. tkc1919

    Texture Pack tkc1919 doodle.

    Hello everyone, now has decided to finally published! I love drawing, so I drew the Terraria boss! (I'm not good at it) I'm transparent as GB or BB, so there is a possibility that something like green or blue remains around the boss. I hope you enjoy this. I don't want you to criticize me, but...
  3. tkc1919

    Ask tkc1919 anything.

    Please do not ask for private things. I love you guys haha Addendum: Private refers to address, real name, phone number, etc.
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